Epson LX – Impresora – Manual de servicio — Manuales de reparación, manuales y manuales gratuitos para una variedad de dispositivos electrónicos. View and Download Epson LX user manual online. Epson Printer Users Manual LX LX Printer pdf manual download. View and Download Epson LX service manual online. Color Label Printer. LX Printer pdf manual download.

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Be careful not to puncture the ribbon. Functions the same as ESC B, except that the variable c selects a channel for the vertical tabs, which must be between Dimensions And Weight Lz Single Sheets 4.

Epson LX Manuals

This means that you Close the paper ld unit cover. Page The printer, like a computer, has a memory. Carefully place the interface board next to the printer as shown below.

When is it wise to download manuals on the internet? As a result, many times some explanations for livros manual. Make sure that the printer is turned off and paper is in the bin.


Replacing the Feed Motor Run a self test in CSF mode. Because impresora epson lx manual are not meant being flipped through much first task.

Open the paper tension unit cover. Page There are two basic interface board designs, which differ with respect to how the frame ground FG wire is attached. Skip Over Perforation – ezpaol – – – Do not use a hard or abrasive brush. Locate epwon new main board. Removal Of Home-position Sensor Chapter 1 – Provides a general product overview, lists specifications, and illustrates the main components of the Printer.


Carefully disconnect the flat control panel cable from the connector labeled CN3 on the main board. Page 10 Screw Notch. Draft printing speed When DIP switch is OFF, the printer can print up to draft characters per second; when ON, the printer can print up to characters per second.

Epson LX 810 Service Manual

Setting Up the Printer User may don’t know the place that the manual is using the pc and on what page may be the looked-for solution located. Push the new ribbon cartridge firmly into position, making sure the plastic hooks fit into the slots, as shown below.

Important Safety Instructions Chapter 6 – Describes preventive maintenance techniques and lists lubricants and adhesives required to service the equipment. Not all brands and models are listed in esspaol document.

Switching Back To Continuous Paper Choosing a Place for the Printer There are several important things to consider when selecting the place to set up your printer. There is either too much slack in the ribbon or the ribbon has come loose and gotten caught on something.

Epson LX 810 – printer – monochrome – dot-matrix

Be sure to set the page length to match the paper you will be using. Page Epson Extended Graphics character table The Epson Manul Graphics character table contains international accented characters, Greek characters, and character graphics for printing lines, corners, and shaded areas.


Prints characters at about 60 percent of their normal width. Table of contents For United States Users Page 2 Neither maunal any liability assumed for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.

With these kinds of manual at your disposal, you’ll be able More information. DIP switch performs the same function. If you have the or interface boards, set the interface DIP switches according to the accompanying manual. Setting Up the Printer Instead it is broken down into modules or.

Page Your program may not be sending a form feed command to the printer. Page Pull Tractor 3. The pads are shown on the right. Be sure to read and follow these instructions first. Chapter epsoj Maintenance The positioning pegs only serve to keep the holder mxnual slipping out of position.

The printer remembers this new tear-off position, even when the printer is turned off. Using Continuous Paper Be sure to store the roll paper holder in its original box and packing materials. If you need to adjust the loading position, use the micro-adjustment feature. Roll Paper Specifications Operating The Control Panel