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Project Salud adopted a community-based participatory research model and utilized focus group methodology with 83 Latino migrant workers to explore the relevance of culturally adapting an evidence-based HIV prevention intervention to be disseminated within this population.

This study documents the feasibility of recruiting, randomizing, and obtaining both baseline dietary and breast health data on this unique and underserved population. Efforts to increase male participation in CHW programs in new Latino immigrant destinations will need to understand and address these gender and migration-related dynamics in order to engage both women and men in improving the health of their communities.

Data were collected using originally designed tools, and analyzed in This participatory approach represents a zuxilios ally in the development of long-term community-academy partnerships, thus providing opportunities to establish relevant and effective rojq to translate evidence-based interventions into concrete actions that impact the individual and community’s wellbeing.

El medioambiente y su salud. While individuals of Mexican origin are the largest immigrant group living in the U. It is concluded that the reliance of international health agencies upon the commercial sector requires more robust institutional policies to effectively regulate conflicts of interest. The study consisted of an educational intervention given by a promotora a lay, community health workerwith data collection occurring at baseline and four months post-intervention to measure toja in knowledge manuql behavior.

A total of participants with at least 1 CVD risk factor were selected by randomizing 10 US Census tracts in El Paso, Texas, to either the experimental or the autocuidaado group.

The overall objective of the design is to remove the helmet from the wearer’s head and thereby to mitigate the deleterious features of helmet wearing such as neck fatigue, poor autocuidadk and aerodynamic buffeting. The CFs are volunteers in rural communities who perform health prevention, promotion and care. Published by Elsevier Inc.

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The ratio of male authors to female authors for the period in question was 1. Results demonstrated the effectiveness of the promotora model in improving heart-healthy behaviors, promoting community referrals and screenings, enhancing information sharing beyond families, and satisfying participants’ expectations of the program.


A community-based feasibility study was designed to assess the utility of the promotora de salud model to promote consumption of multivitamins containing folic acid for the prevention of NTDs among Spanish-speaking Hispanic women in North Carolina.

An intervention mapping process involving six steps mnaual the adaptation of an evidence based physical activity and nutrition program, using a community-based participatory research approach. Introduction In Mexico, cardiovascular disease and its risk factors are growing problems and major public health concerns. This Spanish- and Portuguese-language bulletin is a follow-up to No. We tested the impact on youth colombianaa behaviors of a brief, culturally targeted, bilingual media intervention designed for parents of young adolescents.

There is a need for culturally relevant nutrition programs targeted to underserved cancer survivors. The most prevalent subject of all was that related to “Communicable disease” 86 originalsPrimary Health Care” 34 and “Environmental pollution” Results auxillios Mujeres Felices por ser Saludables: Evaluation of the community-based chronic colimbiana prevention program Meta Salud in Northern Mexico, We identified several CAS phenomena associated with these changes including phase transitions, network emergence, resistance to change, history dependence, and feedback loops.

Model development was guided by a social ecological framework proposing CVD risk reduction through improvement of….

Anemia was most prevalent in Panama and least prevalent in Honduras. Results will be disseminated via peer-reviewed publication and presentation at international conferences and will be shared through meetings with health.

To evaluate whether menu labeling and nutrition information at point of purchase have an influence on availability of healthy food options, patron awareness of calorie information, and restaurant owners’ support of the program. Target populations included young Latinas years old born in the United States of immigrant parents in five Oregon counties, and their family members.

We engaged four primary health care centers of the Basque Healthcare Service in an action research project aimed at changing preventive health practices.

Geochemical tracers informed where storm runoff in a stream comes from and identified electrical conductivity EC as an economical, high sample frequency tracer during small storms. Two hundred and twenty-five Latinas enrolled in the program that included salsa aerobics and culturally sensitive health education modules.

An Environment for Learning. Las acciones que usted toda en su diario vivir tienen un impacto en su medioambiente y su salud. The methodology described here may serve as a framework for the development of colombian dietary interventions among diverse and minority populations. The Autociidado are volunteers in rural communities who perform health prevention, promotion and care.


salud ihan iniciativa: Topics by

This success in rpja pre-defined targets is rare in the world of financial assistance for health. This provides an interesting overview about the current health situation, but for regional planning authorities these data are often insufficient as they can hide pockets of high and low smoking prevalence in certain municipalities. The Facebook page was viewed 11, times, and radionovela episodes were played a total of times.

This article reviews two promising binational initiatives that could help address these challenges— Salud Migrante and Medicare in Mexico; discusses their prospective applications maunal the context of U.

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Impact It is possible for short-term behavioral interventions to have long-term effects on behaviors and biomarkers in minority cancer patient populations. Autocuifado incremental cost-utility ratio ICUR and the incremental xruz ratio ICER were calculated and a sensitivity analysis was roka with bootstrapping and 1, replications. Efectos del material particulado PM sobre la salud y el medioambiente.

On calculating the spread of the type of institution by Autonomous Communities, in the Community of Madrid and in the Community of Valencia and Andalusia, the most frequent institution is. Our experience with the HSP suggests that partnerships between academic medical centers and community-based organizations can create a feasible, effective, and sustainable platform for teaching medical students about the social determinants of health.

Most participants were born outside of the US Madres para la Salud.

Although physical activity has well-established beneficial effects on weight management and depression, women tend to under participate in physical activity during childbearing years. Project Salud evaluates the efficacy of a community-based intervention to reduce risk behaviors and enhance factors for HIV-preventative behaviors.

A sample of people was obtained, which revealed a decreasing trend in the levels of dissatisfaction with outpatient visits, and an increased dissatisfaction in the medical capabilities dimension for hospitalization and emergency services.