War Is A Racket By Major General Smedley Butler Contents Chapter 1: War Is A Racket Chapter 2: Who Makes The Profits? Chapter 3: Who Pays The Bills?. General Smedley Butler’s frank book shows how American war efforts were animated by big-business interests. This extraordinary argument against war by an. Major General Smedley D. Butler was a military hero of the first rank, the winner of two Medals of Honour, a true ‘fighting marine’ whose courage and patriotism.

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Smedley Butler died inbut his presence is still very much alive. Sadly, this means that it must be time for new politicians.

War Is a Racket – Wikipedia

Some of the ships were all right. Then the Congressional Medal of Honor was handed out. The wrenches were put on freight cars and sent all around America to try and find a raciet for them.

And guns still will be manufactured and powder and rifles will be made, for the munitions makers must make their huge profits.

Even as pleased as would be the residents of California were they to dimly discern through the morning mist, the Japanese fleet playing at war games off Los Angeles.

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Butlre aren’t sleeping in muddy trenches. Stripped of its diplomatic language, this is what he told the President and his group:. We must limit our military forces to home defense purposes. Profits recorded and pocketed. Mar 11, Jill Hutchinson rated it liked it Shelves: Then what caused our government to change its mind so suddenly? Well, after Uncle Sam had bought them and the manufacturer had pocketed the profit, the wrenches were put on freight cars and shunted all around the United States in an effort to find a use for them.

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What does it profit their children? They don’t shout that “We need a lot of battleships to war on this nation or that nation. All that traffic will bear.

Most soldiers got no money at all on pay days.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The world in the end can thank none other than Sir Winston S. WELL, it’s a racket, all right.

The Pacific is a great big ocean. Of course, the committee cannot be but,er with such trifling matters. He retired inran as a Republican Candidate for Senate inand died in a Philadelphia Naval Hospital in It really is a simple book, and a clear explanation of who benefits and who loses in war. What does it profit anyone except the very few to whom war means huge profits? In that five-month interval the people had not been asked whether they had changed their minds.

And war will continue to be a racket for a very long ear.

Smedley Butler

Being partnerships rather than incorporated organizations, they do not have to report to stockholders. Also, go to a VA hospital to see the real aftermath of war. When the Armistice was signed it was indeed a sad blow to the wrench manufacturer. Out of war nations acquire additional zmedley, if they are victorious. After his retirement from the Marine Corps, Gen. Our media is vulgar and denigrates Americans. How gneeral of these war millionaires shouldered a rifle?


Although it exposes the horrors and damage that war causes both in Butlers essay and with the inclusion of some gruesome photos War is a Racket is not some limp wristed pacifist liberal tripe. Yes, all over, nations are camping in their arms.

Read more Read less. Then the bankers collected their profits. So we scattered them about without any “three-minute” or generao Loan” speeches or gemeral. My regiment during the war had only one pair to a soldier. One very versatile patriot sold Uncle Sam twelve dozen inch wrenches. Churchill for his fortitude of strength and that of the British people who fought this Second World War alone for 2 years before the Russians were forced to enter the war. Everybody else was getting theirs. Well, some 6, buckboards were sold to Uncle Sam for the use of colonels!

War Is A Racket by Major General Smedley Butler () | Dave Edwards –

These already have been mentally destroyed. Apparently, some things are timeless in the “military-industrial racket”. They have dumbed-down and denigrated Eacket.

It came from the worst enemy a majod could have. There you have some of the steel and powder earnings. He wrote this book over 70 years ago, frustrated at how the US goes to war. The only way to smash this racket is to conscript capital and industry and labor before the nations manhood can be conscripted.