LOTHROP STODDARD’S “The Rising Tide of Color,” following so closely the Great War, may ap- pear to some unduly alarming, while others, as his thread of. Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy, The [T. Lothrop Stoddard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A reprint of a The Rising Tide of Color [T Lothrop Stoddard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With an Introduction by Madison Grant, Chairman, New.

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Even where white populations had not locked themselves to the soil few regions of the earth had escaped the white man’s imperial sway, and vast areas inhabited by uncounted myriads of dusky folk obeyed the white man’s will. Sim- ilarly ubiquitous is the Pan-Islamic propaganda of the Habl-ul-Matin, which works tirelessly to compose sectarian differences and traditional feuds. What the growing self -consciousness of the Far East portended for the white man’s ultimate status in those regions was indicated by an English publicist, J.

And, save in eastern Europe, it is to-day advancing along all its far-flung frontiers. All over the world the first has been lacking, and in the passions of the Great War the lessons of the past have been forgotten both here and in Europe.

In fact, so absorbed is the white world with its do- mestic dissensions that it pays scant heed to racial problems whose importance for the future of man- kind far transcends the questions which engross its attention to-day.

The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy by Lothrop Stoddard

She has already realized why we withheld the troops which alone might have driven the invader from her soil! Such violent breaches as did occur might have been localized, and anything like a general race- cataclysm would probably have been impossible.

The great dynamic of this brown reaction is the Mohammedan Revival. Through the bazaars of Asia ran the sibilant whisper: Accordingly, my attention was thenceforth largely directed to racial matters.

Thus, for Japanese migration, neither the empty spaces of northern or southern Asia will do.

A life-long student of biology, Mr. Even with the Manchu handicap, the sfoddard of prog- ress during those years was such as to amaze the wisest foreign observers. Alexander the Great obtained there treasure sufficient to load a hundred camels, and Mahmoud and Attila also obtained riches from India.

Though outnumbering the Christians five to one and victorious in the battle itself, the Tatars were unable to push farther west and turned south into Hungary and other Alpine lands.


But they do represent a powerful element in Japan, against which the white world should be forewarned.

The English colonies will then be in great peril. The action and reaction of the brown and white worlds has, indeed, been a constant historic factor, the r61es of hammer and anvil being continually reversed through the ages.

Nowadays though, current population predictions suggest that Africa is headed for a multi-billion person population explosion, that will likely lead to wars and chaos if the resulting excess of young African males cannot be employed or sent off to oothrop somewhere.

I often wonder at how different the white world would be today if Lothrpp War I had never happened. Down to the most recent times the yellows lived virtually a life apart.

The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy – Wikipedia

In Japan also there was con- siderable protest. Here for stkddard thousand years the Nordics were the aggressors, and, although these wars were terribly destructive rksing their numbers, they were the medium through which classic civiliza- tion was introduced into Nordic lands. Traces of Nordic peoples in central Asia are constantly found, and colot archaeological research there becomes as intensive as in Europe we shall be astonished to find how long, complete, and extended was their occu- pation of western Asia.

But all four notions need not go together and often do not. In early youth he went to Arabia and there came under the influence of the Waha- bee movement. Grant approaches the subject along that line. Despite official felicitations, the nation could hardly disguise its chagrin.

Here, inhe was beaten, not by the Romanized Gauls but by the Nordic Visigoths, whose king, Roderick, died on the field. Of course the Jap- anese diplomats had no serious expectation xtoddard their demands being acceded to; in fact, they might have been rather embarrassed if they had succeeded, in view of Japan’s own stringent laws against immigra- tion and alien landholding. Her fingers are clutching more tightly around her Oriental booty; yet she knows it is ours for the taking. South of the Caspian and Black Seas, after the first swarming of the Nordics over the mountains during the second millennium before Christ, the East coloor stead- ily against Europe until the strain culminated in the Persian Wars.

The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy

Above all, the legend of white invincibility lay, a fallen idol, in the dust. Lists with This Book. But the wars of northern Europe against the south, from the racial point of view, were not only useless but destructive.


What reforming Moslem Princes wished to impose by force on their Moslem subjects is to-day real- ized a hundredfold.

If the alliance with England should ever be abrogated, we might be very glad to shake hands with Germany.

The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy by T. Lothrop Stoddard

After all, Chinese and Japanese are fundamentally of the same race and culture. The cities of Russia and Poland were burned, their inhabitants tortured and massacred, with the consequence that progress was retarded for centuries.

Certainly, during the last hundred years the white world has dis- played an unprecedentedly aggressive vigor, the brown world playing an almost passive r61e. Here is how a leading Indian Moslem inter- preted the Balkan conflict: Hej puts down tribal war, he, wages traceless combat against epidemic disease, and he so improves communications that augmented and better distributed food-supplies minimize the blight of famine.

Treating the primary race-stocks as units, it would appear that whites tend to double in eighty years, yellows and browns in sixty years, blacks in forty years. Any such attempt would instantly weld together Japanese imperialism and Chinese nationalism in a “sacred union” whose result would probably be at the very least the prompt expulsion of the white man from every foothold in eastern Asia.

To what extent the present war has fostered this tendency, time alone will show, but Mr. This is how the Constantinople Tanine, the most serious Turkish newspaper, character- ized the European Powers: Every succeeding month of hostilities had seen the white world grow weaker and had conversely increased Japanese power.

As a result, the coming modification of the world’s racial equilib- rium, though inevitable, would have been so graduated ,t it would have seemed more an evolution than a tha’ n 1 Yone Noguchi, “The Downfall of Western Civilization,” The Nor- ton New YorkOctober 8, Pan-Islamism’s real driving power lies, not in the Caliphate, but in institutions like the “Hajj” or pilgrimage to Mecca, the propaganda of the “Habl- ul-Matin” or “Tie of True Believers,” and the great religious fraternities.

Judged by accepted canons of state- craft, the white man towered the indisputable master of the planet.