In October McClure’s Magazine published what many consider the first muckraking article, Lincoln Steffens’ “Tweed Days in St. Louis.” The “muckrakers” . The Shame of the Cities has 49 ratings and 8 reviews. Evan said: I started reading this a few years ago and found it distant and dry and fairly non-speci. The Shame of the Cities is a collection of articles written by Lincoln Stefferns for McClure’s Magazine. The articles were written to expose.

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Louis” by citeis, “The people may be tired of it [corrupt municipal government], but they cannot give it up—not yet”. Ultimately, though, Steffens still expresses faith that the public can be made to care about having good government.

But there is hope, not alone despair, in the commercialism of our politics. Although written over years ago it is just as truthful today regarding corruption in the cities.

Though the activities of different machines differed, Steffens found that all the machines shared a common origin: Sagamore Press,69, 70,74, 84, Louis typically leaned Republican. Ames and the complicit police force, in exchange for bribes, chose to ignore illegal gambling and prostitution.

We appreciate your support of the ehame process, whame thank you for being an important part of keeping this knowledge alive and relevant. His followers are the most corrupt ever.

The Shame of the Cities

Walter Muller rated it it was amazing Jun 09, But, say, I may be able to help you, and I will if I can. When a business man of some other line learns the business of politics, he is a politician, and there is not much reform left in him. Sagamore Press,9, 3, 1. This article focuses on Edward R.

It is idiotic, this devotion to a machine that is used to take our sovereignty from us. Louis”, “blame the politicians and the vicious and ignorant poor” for corruption, “In all cities, the better classes—the business men—are the sources of corruption”.


James rated it liked it Oct 11, Are we capable of that sustained good citizenship which alone can make democracy a success? This classification may seem pretentious enough; certainly it would if I should confess what claims I make for my profession.

Louis exemplified boodle; Minneapolis, police graft; Pittsburgh, a political and industrial machine; and Philadelphia, general civic corruption; so Chicago was an illustration of reform, and New York of good government. The reformers there have no ward organizations, no machine at all; their appeal is solely to the intelligence of the voter and their power rests upon that. But, if I was never complete, I never exaggerated.

He wrote that “Soviet Russia was a revolutionary government with an evolutionary plan”, enduring “a temporary condition of evil, which is made tolerable by hope and a plan. To him parties are nothing but means to his corrupt ends. Steffens was not the first author of “Tweed Days in St. Dec 09, Norbert rated it liked it Shelves: This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.

The Shame of the Cities | work by Steffens |

Refresh and try again. Louis had shown no shame. It is idiotic, this devotion to a machine that is used to take our sovereignty from us. The business shme has failed in politics as he has in citizenship. Democracy with us may be impossible and corruption inevitable, but these articles, if they have proved nothing else, have demonstrated beyond hhe that we can licnoln the stefvens that there is pride in the character of American citizenship; and that this pride may be a power in the land”.


You may blame the politicians, or, indeed, any one class, but not all classes, not the people. If it would not “go,” they would offer something else, and, if the demand were steady, they, being so commercial, would “deliver the goods. In Philadelphia, he noted, “good people there defend corruption and boast of their machine.

Sagamore Press,19,25, 27,40, Folk lifted the lid off Missouri for a moment after that, and the State also appeared ripe for the gathering. Harcourt, Brace, and Company, I am a journalist.

True, they pass for us strict laws, but we are content to let them pass also bad laws, giving away public property in exchange; and our good, and often impossible, laws we allow to be used for oppression and blackmail.

Throughout the book, Steffens notes the seeming complacency of the public, even when they were fully aware of corruption. Sagamore Press,3, 41, 61, 72, He lincolln is busy, he is the one that has no use and therefore no time for politics. Thanks for telling us about the problem. One good thought that the author brings forth is that government corruption is tantamount to treason.

In late nineteenth century, politics in the urban north often included organizations, or “machines” that controlled the disbursement of public resources. The autobiography became a bestseller leading to a short return to prominence for the ths, but Steffens would not be able to capitalize on it as illness cut his lecture tour of America short by As I understood, Steffens points to the origin of corruption to two lincolj causes: Harcourt, Brace, and Company,