Ley No. Sobre Comercio Electrónico, Documentos Y Firmas Digitales .. de fecha 30 de abril del , sobre Cheques · Ley. In his work on millionaire migrants, Ley shows how affluent families who move the form of a cheque, thus enabling him to rent a property, which meant he. , Ley General de Protección de los Derechos del Consumidor o Usuario. PDF) Ley de Cheques, No. (PDF) Ley , Sobre Inversión.

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Chequue Section XV-Transitional provisions-with new paragraph General provisions Article 1: Final Provisions The Law also makes consequential amendments to the following texts: Particular part Chapter 1: Legislation of Ukraine on the restoration of the rights of deportees Article 3: Contains, inter alia, provisions regulating of work permits, employment and other labour law related norms leey the above mentioned categories of persons.

Accordingly, eliminates the State Service of Employment; also establishes that unless the laws “On Compulsory State Social Insurance in case of Unemployment” and “On Employment” are amended, the bodies of state service of employment continue their activity in the spheres of employment, labour migration and social protection against unemployment.

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Leave for preparation and participation in competitions. Recognition of the status of deportees Article 5: Secretariat of the National Council Article Also, repeals the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No.

Also repeals Procedure of recruiting and training of the personnel of the main emergency services, approved by the Ordinance of the Cabinet xheque Ministers of Ukraine No.

Amends the Labour Code: Control over the implementation of this law. Establishment procedure and membership of a territorial Tripartite Social and Economic Council Article Supplements Part 1 of Article 14 Categories of citizens who have additional guarantees for assistance in job placement with new Paragraph 8 with the following content: Also amends the law “On Social Services”: In accordance with article 53 of Law on Employment of the Population approves the procedure of penalty for violation of legislation on employment of the population.


Assessment of conformity with the representation criteria and confirmation of representation Article 8. The Supreme Council of Justice operates in Ukraine. Establishes state support to the victims of the civil protest that commenced in Ukraine on 21 November Other rights as well as duties of internally displaced person Article X: Ucrania – – Ley Law No.

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Sources of financial and material-technical provision of rights and liberties of internally displaced persons Article XVI: In accordance with article 30 of Law of Ukraine on Employment of the Population, approves the procedure of granting of vouchers to maintain the competitiveness of individuals in the labor market with an appendix of the list of professions, specialties and directions of improvement of the qualification for study of which vouchers can be granted for maintaining cheqje of individuals in the labor market.

Code des obligations et des contrats de Levels of and parties to social dialogue Article 5.

Liability for the violation of this law Article XX: Statements of persons applying for positions Article VII: General Provisions Part II: Participants of enforcement proceedings Section IV: Control and responsibility Article Amend para 3 of article 19 fixing the percentage of expenses on occupational safety in an enterprises from the overall funds for wages.

Amends the Labour Code supplementing article Procedure of dismissal of workers with a new part 4, and article Guarantees for workers in time of carrying out state or public duties with part 3. Amends, inter alia, the Labour Code; namely, supplements Part 1 of Article 36 Reasons for suspension of employment contract with new paragraph 9.


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State regulation in the sphere of external labour migration Section III: Disciplinary proceedings in relation with judges Chapter 5: Ustawa z dnia 10 pazdziernika r. Court self-government bodies Section IX: Article 10 and 11 contain restrictive provisions on recruitment and employment contract of public and civil servants changing positions from public sector to private one and vice versa.

Taking measures to ensure the independence of judges and the authority of justice Section III: Amends article 12 by adding a new para. Transfer of judges Chapter Part 10 of article 5, part 10 of article 6 and parts 3, 4 of article 7 enter into force on 1 January Rephrases article Equality of labour rights of the citizens of Ukrainewhich forbids any discrimination in the sphere of labour, in particular, violation of the principle of equality of rights and opportunities, direct or indirect restriction of rights of workers regarding the racial origin, color, political religious and other beliefs, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic, social, foreign origin.

Reasons for repealing the effect of notification on registration of internally displaced person, as well as reasons for incorporating information on this in the Unified informative data base on internally displaced persons Article XIII: Also establishes the procedure of granting material support and providing social services. The Law recognizing the direct relationship between the low life expectancy of residents of Ukraine and environmental pollution. Final Provisions Part X: