Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Brenner, Lenni, – 51 Documents: Zionist collaboration with the Nazis / Lenni Brenner p. cm. Includes. Another aspect of Holocaust “revisionist” thinking can be found on the radical left. A writer named Lenni Brenner maintains that Zionists, in effect, were in league. Lenni Brenner – Zionist Deals with Nazis and Fascists (part 1) Lenni Brenner Comments on Jabotinsky’s “The Iron Wall” – and the full “Iron Wall” article.

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Forster would take the hapless actor to right-wing journalists like Victor Reisel or Fred Woltman for “affidavits” and then go to CBS and try to get his “boy” a job. Would the Nazi take money for Slovakia’s Jews? Readers must realize that not one responsible historian grants a flyspeck of credence to even a syllable of any Holocaust revisionist’s scribblings. R ootedness in one’s own spirituality protects the Jew from becoming the rootless critic of the national foundation of German essence.

They wanted to revise the Zionist and Lemni policy towards the Palestinians. It is careful not to utilize anti-Semitic phrases. The public relations expert concluded: Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography.

Until I saw from something that happened that the words “atem taylu” were from “tiyul” to walk which was their special term for “rescue. We knew the British, Irish and American governments lennu put agents into our ranks. Equally, one can make a reasonable case that Zionists did not fight antisemitism before with the appropriate vigour, that some Zionists favoured the principle of racial separateness, and that others wanted to develop a ‘special relationship’ with the Nazis for opportunistic or other reasons.

But Zionism can’t be defined primarily in relation to fascism. Publishing; Updated edition February 4, Language: Incommenting on a lynching in Illinois, the B’nai B’rith Magazine had admitted that “when another kind of a man gets hanged, we feel those revulsions that are natural at breenner sight of a fellow-being going to his doom in the flush of life.


Lenhi spite of the DA’s slap-on-the-wrist deal, the documentation of Bullock’s activities provided by the police when they sought a warrant to search the ADL offices in SF and Los Angeles, was extensive. Immediately on imprisonment, he spent four days in intense discussion with Huey Newton, later the founder of the Black Panther Party, who he encountered in the court holding tank. In the s, Brenner was a prominent civil rights activist and a prominent opponent of the Vietnam War.

It brennre to an injunction not to use illegal methods in its ‘monitoring’ of the entire political universe.

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As the ADL monitors their publications, it is reasonable to think that the ADL would have mentioned this in their attacks on me. They told the Nazis that. The writer acknowledged Brenner’s work as a source in writing his play, which portrayed a wartime Zionist leader who allegedly collaborated with the Nazis to save his family and other Zionists while deserting the rest of the community.

Retrieved 2 May Well then, you just are not as smart as one Abraham Foxman.

I’m not a racist; I’m not a bigot; I am not an anti-Semite. The Nazi bdenner were measures taken against a minority hated by the German government. Dror during the Second World War, which claimed Jewish deaths would help justify the foundation of a Jewish state.

Czech film about Rabbi Weissmandel: Certainly he knew that if he wanted ADL assistance in his troubles with the FBI concerning the South Africans, he would have to claim that they had nothing to do with his Brenneer African ties. It received massive media leenni, including favorable reviews. As for the fate of the rest of European Jewry, the Zionists were indifferent.

But for now I will describe some of the low points of their activities, using a small part of the documentation included in my book.

Why didn’t they repudiate him then for daring to lie about them in such a grave affair? It was a settler-colonial movement led by the Jewish bourgeoisie. This updated edition features a new afterword by the author. This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents.

However the Supreme Court handed down its decision in the case on January 17, Their conversations were recorded in a report by Eichmann’s superior, Franz-Albert Six. I realized he had a spy in my organization. Such pieces frequently begin with a nostalgic look back at the good ol’ ‘Black-Jewish alliance’ of the early ’60s when the ADL was part of the great — dare I say it? Details the close links between the “Zionist Revisionism” movement to which both the young Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir belonged and the Jewish question experts of the Nazi Party, Brenner’s charge, overwhelmingly documented: Why go on dumping on po’ ol’ Adolf?


Even now, after I’ve adduced overwhelming evidence that the Zionist movement failed European Jewry in its fatal hour, and that therefore the ADL has libeled me, readers may ask a bewildered question: Additionally, most people identify the ADL with its contemporary reports on anti-Semitism.

This is the orthodox or Establishment view. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

ADL smears Lenni Brenner

I challenge anyone to tell me why I can’t portray two club owners who happen to be Jewish and who exploit the Black jazz musicians who work for them. The questions of anti-Semitism, Zionism, fascism, communism and Stalinism, and what World War II was really about can only be answered from this standpoint, and brennrr you gain that, then books like this can be put in their proper perspective.

The Nazis used the World Zionist Organization to break the efforts of those Jews who were trying to boycott German goods. All Jewish club owners brsnner not like this, that’s true, but these two are.

In my view the entire Jewish leadership of that generation — including the Zionists — failed the test of the times and no useful purpose is served by covering this up. The opportunity of rescuing prominent people appealed to him greatly. Although its spokesmen have been careful to avoid the use of crude anti-Semitic phraseology, the SWP’s program and activities.