For the first time in trade paperback: the fifth novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series. When Branson, Missouri, is hit with a death wave?. Bloody Bones. “When Anita Blake’s boss at Animators, Inc., informs her that she’s expected to raise year-old zombies from a field of jumbled bones just to. Rawhead and Bloody Bones Appeared in Bloody Bones Also Known As Tommy Rawhead Rawhead Status Deceased Species Fey Died in Bloody Bones.

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With Anita, Larry and the local authorities, Bradford douses the Bloody Bones restaurant with gasoline and prepares to set it on fire. Hamilton has created, we only get glimpses every now and then. Review quote “Highly-charged, well-written, no holds-barred Anita works with the local law enforcement to hunt the vampire that killed Ellie, and the group is surprised in the woods by a group bllody vampires instead.

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Bloody Bones : An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Novel

The character development was exciting for me, especially Anita’s internal struggle with her mother’s death, as wel as learning more about Jean Claude’s past. I’ll admit that this book bored the heck out of me at the beginning. Want to Read saving….

Richard was suddenly not revered as bestial, though a werewolf. However, because they are rotting vampiresthey are almost impossible to kill. In Anita’s opinion, she is the only person in the world who might be able to raise that many ancient unmarked graves without a human sacrifice. Within the book, “Bloody Bones” is the name of a restaurant that is operated by two of the principal characters in the novel, Magnus and Dorcas Bouvier. I do not recommend this book to immature adults or anyone that is sensitive the wonderfully twisted parts of life that ordinary people are blind to Happy Reading!

And for some reason as the series goes on, the more sexual it gets and also the more ridiculous it gets. The fingernails were long and dirty, almost clawlike. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Anita convinces Dorcas to take her to see the mound where Rawhead is trapped, and they agree to go to the mound the following day. We also got a little bit of Richard before Anita left town, so we got both of our leading men.


Not bloodh the traditional sense, or even the most recently popular versions like Darkfever and it’s successors. The result is an America that seems familiar at first, but grows stranger as you read. Through a mighty internal struggle and with the help of those around her, Anita is blooxy to stop herself from saving the vampire. And, there are fairies – beautiful fairies with glittery love powers. The Laughing Corpse Laurell K. And of course, random men at a construction site wouldn’t catcall you or anything Arriving, Blake discovers that the developer, Raymond Stirling is willing to pay Anita to lie about the dead, telling her that his entire fortune is invested in the land and that if it belongs to the Bouvier family he will have lost everything.

Anita tries to escape, but Magnus stops her. Bloody Bones arrives and demands its freedom, but Seraphina breaks her word to the fey and announces her intent to continue drinking its power forever.

Bloody Bones by Laurell K. Hamilton

I’m pretty, but I’m not beautiful. Bloody Bones is one of the more brutal outings in this series.

Again more like a 3. Jean-Claude offers to come to Branson to set up a meeting with the Master of the City. Jeff Quinlan is lost to the vampires, but all the others are dead or dispersed. Hamilton has returned to her style in the first book or two; fast- paced action with great characterization. Anita has been called to the next town to raise the very old dead and hunt a child killing vampire.

This section contains 1, words approx.

Laurell K. Hamilton: Bloody Bones

Jul 22, Katherine Madison rated it it was ok. While she considers whether to kill them, Janos arrives with a newly risen Ellie, accompanied by Bettina, Pallas, Kissa, Xavier and their hostage, Jeff Quinlan. No need to read it again. I liked Larry and how he is learning and coming into his own. The other thing I find annoying is that Anita likes to pick fights for no reason and seems to have the little dog syndrome – always barking gones at the big guns. She is perhaps the scariest villain in the series so far.


Anita Blake has a magnificent vagina, that will make up for a lot in my books.

Rawhead and Bloody Bones

Bloody Bones was so intense it really would jamilton benefited from some well placed sarcasm and dark humor. Ending with Somehow Jean-Claude had crossed that line that a handful of other vampires had crossed. This study guide contains the following hamioton Anita is pretty awful to Jean Claude in this book but the vampire has long term plans To view it, click here.

Nevertheless, I liked his character in this book, and it was refreshing to have at least one character in the mix who knew how to take direction without constant arguing – that got a little old as the book progressed.

This is by far the best in the series, so far. Also, finally Anita is behaving like hamulton religious person or at least more so than beforealthough as yet she still hasn’t been to church.

He seemed to think “fangface” was outrageously funny. I just do not like her as a character; I don’t care whether she survives; I don’t obnes about her dating life; I don’t care if she ends up as a rug at the end of the book. Anita is left to struggle within herself.