Levels of dissolved ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and silicate, as well as chlorosity, dissolved oxygen and hydrogen sulphide in the water of Lake Mariut. Lake Mariut has suffered over the years from the untreated sewage, after the enforcement of the Egyptian Law for Environmental Protection (Law 4/). Egypt. J. Soil Sci. 56, No. 2, pp. (). W. Geo-spatial Variability Assessment of Water. Pollutants Concentration in Mariut Lake, Egypt.

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The current anthropogenic metal emissions have resulted in increasing the concentrations of water toxic elements to a hazardous level [ 8 ]. Pol J Environ Stud The present study was carried out to evaluate the concentrations of some trace metals lkae the water of Lake Mariut and their accumulation in tissues of the green alga Cladophora herpestica. Cladophora herpestica abundantly growing on the surface of the Mariut Lake accumulates heavy metals from the aquatic environments.

We are indebted to anonymous Reviewers for their invaluable comments. Alexandria’s access to the Nile was lost, necessitating the opening of the Mahmoudiyah Canal from Alexandria to the Nile in We suggest composting, especially for sludge and algae as an alternative waste management scenario; especially the algal biomass is recommended on the basis of the analyzed and acceptable toxic metal content for compost processing.

Table 3 shows the calculated bioaccumulation coefficients in order to compare heavy metal contents in the egyptt biomass at the different sampling sites [ 1314 etypt.

The study included some recommendations aiming at improving both water quality and fish of the Main Basin. Egypt During the Last Interglacial: The levels kariut Fe obtained were very low compared to previous studies.


Moreover, the study indicated that the high concentrations of trace metals in algal tissues demonstrated the utility of using Cladophora herpestica as a biomonitor of heavy metal contamination and bioavailability.

Pollution at Lake Mariut|INIS

The salt waters were kept separate from Lake Mariout by the canal that allowed fresh water to travel from the Nile to Alexandria. The current waste management in Egypt is based on independent, self- solid waste incineration, including combustion of the bankdischarged algae [ 2 ]. It has had the following incumbents, so far of the fitting episcopal lowest rank: Although it is not a human or aquatic health concern; but it can serve as an indicator of other water quality parameters.

Cladophora herpestica is dominating and abundantly growing on the surface of the Maruit Lake, it accumulates residual nutrients and heavy metals from both the aquatic and atmospheric environment [ 15 ]. The other two sites had intermediate concentrations. The American University in Cairo Press. Algae Cladophora herpestica were collected in plastic bags containing seawater and transported immediately to the laboratory egylt analysis [ 3 ].

Assessment of pollution levels in fish and water of main basin, Lake Mariut.

The pH and alkalinity were in agreement with the values shown by previous studies except for east of Main Basin which showed higher values. Ina small lake, called the Nozha Hydrodrome was “isolated from Lake Mariout” and this allowed for the Nile perch to flourish there.

Pb content in both fish flesh and water samples has shown a great decrease compared to previous studies. Tur J Fish Aqu Sci 3: Please leave a message, we will get back you shortly. Lake Mariut has suffered over the years from the untreated sewage, agricultural and industrial wastes dumped into it. Ruins of an ancient temple and an ancient replica of the Lighthouse lakf Alexandria egupt to be seen there. Heavy metal pollution of lakes is one of the most dangerous problems in aquatic ecosystems and it is approaching thresholds of toxicity for adverse effects of toxic metals [ 89 ].


A six point calibration procedure was applied with multi-element calibration solution Marout ICP multi-element standard solution IV [ 11 ]. Algae are known to be good indicators of the extent of pollution in aquatic Ecosystems [ 34 ].


The study included some recommendations aiming at improving both water quality and ecosystem of the lake. The next goal of our study was to investigate the heavy metal occurrence in both algae and water environment.

Settlements Alexandria Lake Mariout Arabic: Croat Chem Acta In a steleresembling the Rosetta Stone and dating back some years, was discovered in the Taposiris Magna Temple site at Geypt Mariout. At least years ago, the lake was fresh water, and much of it would dry up during the period just before the Nile flooded again.

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The high bioaccumulation abilities of Cladophora algae for selected metals have been confirmed. The results showed that mercury was totally undetected in fish and water samples. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.