Buy La Historiadora Translation by Elizabeth Kostova (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Comitiva de embusteros: una novela de la peste. Buy La historiadora by ELIZABETH KOSTOVA (ISBN: ) from Instantly receive a £20 Gift Card if you’re approved for the Amazon . Exploring her father’s library, a young woman finds an ancient book and a cache of yellowing letters that will plunge her into a quest for the truth.

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Despite the lack of inertia, these pages were my favorite. At its core this is a book about Drakulya, about his history and his impact on those that knew him and those that have hunted the hitoriadora about him for centuries. The Historian 1 5 Nov 01, Then, she writes about Vlad, Dracula, attempting to add new lore to the story, but never really gives us any surprises.

La Historiadora : Elizabeth Kostova :

My study also served me for a sitting room, and I made sure it was kept as orderly and comfortable as the solidity of its nineteenth-century furnishings demanded. You know what that means, right? Quotation marks on top of quotation marks. I would beg for a little bit of sensationalism over sense, because overall, the plot of this story is entirely lacking in anything remotely resembling fascination, anything that would captivate and hold the imagination rather than lulls it to sleep.

Bartholomew RossiHelen RossiDracula.

Ignore it, read something else. View all 96 comments. Where are the sleepless nights I was promised? To view it, click here. Her Hungarian seemed to have all the diacritical markings in it, and I am unsure of the Bulgarian, since she used our alphabet rather than cyrillic.

And there is throughout the book an enormous cast of characters, not merely just historical personages, but various researchers and students kostofa librarians and bureaucrats and all of them are well-drawn, interesting, and fully fleshed.


So first, a disclosure: Lists with This Book. Books by Elizabeth Kostova. We know she was named for “Helen’s mother” but “Helen’s mother” is another character whose name we never actually hear. The biggest aspect I found to complain about, is that I’d expected a bit more sol This novel would have done well to have large parts of the first half culled.

The Historian

View all 10 comments. Mostly, though, The Historian takes on a predictable pattern. View all 11 comments. While most of the book is in letter form elizabeht with speech quotes framing just about every sentence — Kostova forgoes the accuracy of the letter form and, like Bram Stoker in Dracula, makes the letters part of the novel with action, emotion, and character reaction — attributes that would not usually be in a letter, but for the sake of this book, they need to be.

In your letters, have you ever once mentioned the trivialities of your evening routine, particularly when it made absolutely no relevance whatsoever to whatever point you were trying to make?

Along the way he meets a mysterious Romanian woman also searching for Rossi, a noble Turkish Scholar, various priests and numerous villains.

Preview — The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Which leads me to It’s a beautifully and cleverly written work of …more For heavens sake, this isn’t really historical fiction! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Did you seriously think this book was realistic in any way, when you cannot distinguish between the narrative of an old man, an older man, and that of a girl as she grows from her early teens?

View all 21 comments. The final quarter it’s a looong book, about as long as Vlad’s life i A plodding, contrived, poorly written mess of a book about three generations of historians researching the Dracula legend.

Even with the impressive research, this story is Scooby Doo with no Scooby Snacks. Although the descriptions of the various eastern European cities histogiadora often pretty and atmospheric, my frustration with this book won’t let me mark it above one star.


Laura Rice said not to read it.

La Historiadora

I didn’t have any problem with the Rossi letters set in the s. We know, of course, from the very beginning, before the narrator even informs us, that when her father Paul speaks of a young beauty named Helen who he meets while trying to kkstova down his missing mentor, that this will be the overtly absent mother of the young narrator.

You, as an adult, are no longer afraid. Please don’t tell me that this book fooled you in any way. The book has no text, but at its center, is a woodcut image of a dragon carrying a banner with the single word Drakulya. EuropeAmsterdamNetherlands. The Reading For P The Historian moves like a river, the edges first and last section swirl and spin and blood kostvoa you into a promising plot, however the centre has a sluggish meander where the waters get a little muddied.

Am I really supposed to believe that a character would write a letter hundreds of pages long? And for some reason, they all write unbelievably detailed letters. Paul and his daughter travel around, seeing cool sights, eating various biscuits, and having long conversations. It just means that you need oa have a certain attitude going into it, a certain natural love for the elements mentioned above and a certain tolerance for extremely purple prose.

It plods along, gathering information about the real Walachian Prince, taunting not only our hero and his female companion but the reader with some menace and a few appearance of an undead librarian but for the most part the real blood sucking is minimal.