Power Factor Corrected preregulator (PFC), using the L, and the lamp ballast stage with the L Referring to the application circuit (see fig.1), the AC mains voltage is rectified by a diodes bridge and delivered APPLICATION NOTE. The front-end stage of conventional off-line converters, typically made up of a full wave rectifier bridge with a capacitor filter, gets an unregulated DC bus from the. AN APPLICATION NOTE. May INTRODUCTION. Half bridge converter for electronic lamp ballast. Voltage fed series resonant half bridge inverters are.

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Multiplier Bias and Sense Resistor Selection A resistor divider feeds a portion of the input voltage into pin 3 MULT to build the sinusoidal reference applicatioh the peak primary current. F the zero will be at about 70 Hz, which is acceptable. Fully compatible with the standard version, it has a superior performant multiplier making the device capable of working in wide input voltage range applications from 85V to V with an excellent THD.

The sense resistor will not exceed 1. The following assumptions will be made: L, enhanced transition mode power appllication corrector.

Considering the RCD clamp, the capacitor is selected so as to have an assigned overvoltage?

STMicroelectronics products are not authorized for use as critical components in life support devices or systems without express written approval of STMicroelectronics. VCOMP will give the maximum peak output voltage of the multiplier: As a result, there is a quite large voltage ripple appearing across the output capacitor.

L is the improved version of the L standard Power Factor Corrector.

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A compromise will then be found between these two contrasting terms. This ripple has two components. Appliication started with eDesignSuite 5: The effect of that on the overall operation is however negligible because the energy processed near a zero-crossing is very little. Timing relationships The ON-time of the power switch is expressed by: Product is in design stage Target: General terms and conditions.


The steady-state power dissipation is estimated to be about 2W. A appication clamp is selected. Product is in design feasibility stage. Product is in volume production Evaluation: F electrolytic capacitors will have an ESR low enough to consider the high frequency ripple negligible as well as sufficient AC current capability.

In the real-world operation, it must be considered that TON cannot go below a minimum amount and so will do the switching period as well. The value taken from fig. As to the blocking diode, what said earlier about the one of the RCD clamp still applies.

An Application Note L, Enhanced Transition Mode Power Factor Corrector – Semantic Scholar

To have a low gain at twice line frequency, the zero of H s will be placed below Hz and R3 will be 45 times less than R1. F, depending on the output power is required: There are, however, several applications in the low-power range to which EMC norms do not apply that can benefit o6561 the advantages offered by a high-PF flyback converter.

As earlier stated by equation 1during each half-cycle the height of these triangles varies with the instantaneousline voltage: Inserting 14 and 15 in 13 yields the theoretical expression of PF note that it depends only on Kv. The maximum primary inductance will be calculated by solving 5 for Lp: Media Subscription Media Contacts. Menu Products Explore ap;lication product portfolio.

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An Lbased high-PF flyback converter can easily meet Blue Angel regulations; q additional functions available: Unlike conventional converters, in such regulators the control loop will have quite a narrow bandwidth so l5661 to maintain VCOMP fairly constant over a given line cycle, as assumed at the beginning. It concerns a 30W AC adapter for portable equipment. Small-Signal analysis shows that the gain G4 s of the power stage is: Not Recommended for New Design. AC-DC adapters for mobile applicatiin office equipment, off-line battery chargers and low-power SMPS are the most noticeable examples of application that this applicqtion can fit.

The minimum peak value, occurring at minimum mains voltage will be: F2 Kvmin The capacitor undergoes large current spikes and therefore it should be a very low ESR type with polypropylene or polystyrene film dielectric.

An966 Application Note L6561, Enhanced Transition Mode Power Factor Corrector

Compensation of the Error Amplifier. R 2 The blocking diode will be not only a very fast recovery type but will also feature a very fast turn-on time. A large output capacitance will reduce its amount.

In fact 9 contains also the energy contribution due to the switching frequency, while equation 13 – and therefore IRMSin too – refers only to line frequency quantities. There are, on the other hand, some drawbacks, inherent in high-PF topologies, limiting the applications that such a converter can fit AC-DC adaptors, battery chargers, low-power SMPS, etc.

Common to both formulae are the following Figure