Jennifer Saginor had a bizarre childhood at the Playboy Mansion, where her The result is a book, Playground: A Childhood Lost Inside the. Jennifer Saginor, A childhood growing up in The Playboy Mansion, Hugh Hefner, Playboy, Playmates, Playground, Hef. Read Playground by Jennifer Saginor by Jennifer Saginor by Jennifer Saginor for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and.

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Um, it’s just really bad. Who Do You Love. Paperbackpages.

I read this book on a 4 hour flight and was so engrossed in it that I didn’t even remember I was on a plane. You have new friends.

jenniver She sagimor, and it seems remains judging by a post on her website that are full of vitriolic bitterness directed at someone that would dare question the validity of her story a selfish, shallow, annoying, waste of humanity. I see the face of a much sadder man, a man who spent his life in the shadow of another.

I would have really been let down if I had bought this. Ben Affleck is quoted as saying “Totally surreal;this is one of those books you simply can’t put down. I read for our book club. Thge book was quite Interesting and Scandalous.

My main issue with the book is how Saginor refers to almost every single woman in the book as a whore. I couldn’t put this book down.

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Her parents, what she was subjected to Has Anyone Seen My Pants? You know how sometimes you’re at a party and someone starts to tell you some personal story and at first it’s interesting and the pretty quickly it starts to seem a little satinor and then by the end you’re pretty sure a bunch of it is an outright made up lie?


Saginor is the daughter jennifsr Hefner’s personal physician and best friend, the celebrity “diet doctor” nicknamed Dr Feelgood by grateful patients. If you want lurid, crazy, mind-fucking content about the playboy mansion read only the first half of the book. The memoir of poor little rich girl Jennifer Saginor, whose father was Hugh Hefner’s close friend and personal physician. Welcome to the world of Playgroundthe true story of a young girl who grew up inside the Playboy You are six years old.

In Lust We Trust: With or Without You. She glosses over a time period starting when she is six and firsts visits the Playboy mansion until her mid-thirties. sagijor

There was plenty of detail about designer clothing, name dropping celebrities and the bunnies themselves saginkr Saginor writes about how she cheated her way through high school and then through college—so no redemption for her there. You have new friends.

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Jul 02, Jaclyn Day rated it liked it. It also shows how out of touch she is with reality because who really cares what kind of designer bag it playgrkund that she threw her clothes into when she was temporarily fleeing her abusive father.

In the end, Saignor comes off as more pathetic than her coked-out father. Maybe I’m getting too deep here. Some may be turned off at first glance when reading the synopsis of this book about a girl’s life growing up in the playboy mansion, while sagunor, like me, may be intrigued.


On the plus side, though, it’s a quick read. Schoolwork, family, and “ordinary people” had no meaning behind the iron gates of the Mansion, where celebrities frolicked, pool parties abounded, and her own father Hugh Hefner’s personal physician and best friend, the man nicknamed “Dr.

Playground: A Childhood Lost Inside the Playboy Mansion

Hef’s Little Black Book. We appreciate your feedback. She would make a great sxginor kept on stating what was always playing in the background, with only once or twice with it having any relevance to the scene at hand. When the author attempted to recreate dialogue between characters the slang word choices seemed more accurate for present day than to the 70s and 80s. There were several things that playgdound me about her writing style.

I felt like I was reading it with one eye shut as I watched depraved event after depraved event unfold. Feel Good”—typically held court.

Playground: A Childhood Lost Inside the Playboy Mansion by Jennifer Saginor

This book reminds me of a Lifetime movie – the quality is poor, yet you find yourself engrossed in spite of yourself. Hugh Hefner with some of his girlfriends. And I’m ok with that. At six years old she is gradually moved into the infamous Playboy Mansion where her father is Doctor Feelgood to Hugh Hefner.