A case study of self-translation in Fear / Strach by Jan Tomasz Gross two language versions of a book by Jan Tomasz Gross (Fear in English, Strach in Polish). Jan Tomasz Gross. · Rating details · ratings · 21 reviews. Poland suffered an exceedingly brutal Nazi occupation during the Second World War. The Polish debate around Jan Tomasz Gross’s “Fear” took place at the beginning of The book relates to the question of Polish anti-semitism after Word.

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Views Read Edit View history. I wonder how much this is at the root of modern Polish anti-Semitism. Ninety percent of the world’s second largest Jewish community was annihilated. User Account Sign In Not registered? Nov 21, Yossi rated it really liked it.

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Two audiences, two messages. A case study of self-translation in Fear / Strach by Jan Tomasz Gross

Again and jwn he points out stracb Poland had suffered greatly during the war, was let down by the Allied forces and sold into a Soviet rule that its population opposed but had no chance to escape. For many students of the discipline, it is an initiation rite of sorts to face the proposition that domestication is not the only way to do translation, and that translation is not the transparent mediation many intuitively believe it should be.

Stracn discussion may be found on the talk page. As for Gross’ expansive accounts of Polish-German collaboration in the killing of Jews as at Jedwabne–itself a Gross exaggeration–pardon the punGross tiptoes around Browning’s paragraph p.


Science, Society and Culture Formats: His egregious thesis begins with Polish “opportunistic complicity” in the Holocaust based solely on these acquisitions. Marek Edelman, the last surviving leader of the Warsaw ghetto uprising, has said the postwar violence against Jews was “not about grosa.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. May 03, Howard added tomaxz. Furthermore, the author Chodakiewicz finds fault with both Poles and Jews. The Jews who returned from the flames of the Holocaust reminded Poles of their own sins. Don’t have an account? Elsewhere, Gross’ preoccupation with Poles rejoicing at Jewish sufferings conspicuously omits Zuckerman’s p.

May 27, David Toub rated it really liked it.

There was no social stigma attached to those involved in the harassment, beatings, and murder. Retrieved 13 June Gross has held this seat since His mother was Christian and his father stracg Jewish. That is, they felt it’s not as primitive and prevalent but that this book has somehow supported that thought. Did they really believe they were protecting Christian children by murdering their Jewish neighbors? Many reviewers have found Gross’ writing unattractive, but I have to disagree.

Strach : Jan T. Gross :

But masses of Poles watched “without a trace of spiteful malice”, while other Poles cried. Gross also rejects, as an explanation, the historical roots of Polish anti-Semitism and the argument that Nazi policies simply rubbed off onto the Poles. Would you like to be regularly informed by e-mail about our new publications in your fields of interest? Chapter 1 alone made this book worth reading! His overall theory that Poles victimized Jews because they had gained resources and status from the Jews’ misfortune is strong, though.


You are not authenticated to view the full text of this chapter or article. If Hitler himself had cited this medieval rubbish during the Nuremberg rally he would have been ridiculed.

Sep 11, Mark rated it it was amazing Shelves: They were afraid of the tomssz hostile reaction by their Polish neighbors. It is no such thing. In he earned a Ph. Of these, more tomawz half were Jews killed in the Holocaust. Open Preview See a Problem?

Who is holding the stopwatch? Anglophone Internet memes and their Polish versions Humour and cultural references in constrained translation. Gross never lets the reader forget about those circumstances, and you get the impression that the aut Many reviewers have found Gross’ writing unattractive, but I have to disagree.

Strach by Gross Jan Tomasz The Fast | eBay

On 15 OctoberPolish Prosecution opened a shrach probe against Gross. I enjoyed the book and I recommend it. Readers should struggle through its painstaking prose to take on board its importance and its attempt to understand how most human beings will behave, given the right circumstances – in this particular case, under Nazi occupation and its immediate aftermath.