The Jabidah massacre was fabricated by the late Senator Benigno Aquino to destabilize the administration of then President Ferdinand Marcos. For a change, this year I don’t want to look back on the Jabidah Massacre with morbidity, armed with an angry fist raised to the sky. I want to. It’s the 45th anniversary of what’s known as the “Jabidah massacre”, a previously under-acknowledged yet pivotal point in modern Philippine.

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On March 18, — exactly 50 years ago today — at least 23 Muslim trainees were shot to death on Corregidor Island in what has since been known as the Jabidah massacre.

Jabidah massacre

The young nation, Malaysia, strengthened its administration of the vast territory, and scrambled to convince the international community that it was the legitimate owner of Jabidahh. Jibin Arula and the Jabidah Massacre in the Philippines “. Sign up for our Newsletter.

Please try again later. Moro National Liberation Front. However, Jabidah is never mentioned as part of Corregidor’s storied past. As the Philippines relied on Arab oil, the government tried to defend itself against any accusation and denied any religious repression taking place in Mindanao. On December 30 that year, from massaacre recruits boarded a Philippine Navy vessel for the island of Corregidor in Luzon for “specialized training. The young and intensely energetic opposition Sen Ninoy Aquino Jr, using his deft journalistic skills, put some of the pieces of the Jabidah puzzle together, but the picture remained incomplete.


Transnational Challenges to States and Regional Stability. The recruits were getting impatient because they couldn’t send a single centavo back home. An unknonw error has occurred. At 2 am, they left camp.

Whatever the figure, it is clear that the rich tapestry of Corregidor’s history did not cease to be woven simply when the United States returned it to the Republic of the Philippines. In the early s, there was concern over the possibility that a Pan-Islamic movement financed by Libya’s Muammar Qadaffi would reach the southern Philippines.

By continuing, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Sabah is a sore subject domestically for, and between, the two countries.

And there was the Philippines’ Sabah claim to boot. Batalla, then a general, was the regional Constabulary commander in Western Mindanao. Please do not remove masscre message until conditions to do so are met. Select gender Male Female. They could not keep track of how many bodies there were. The Jabidah hoax would have one huge negative consequence for jabisah Philippines, which hounds it to this day: I ran and was shot at, in my left thigh.

Martelino visited the trainees and assured them of their pay. The training in Malaysia was crucial in the growth of the MNLF since despite their vaunted bravery and martial tradition, the Moros were practically medieval in their military outlook and skills. Sambas remembers that they sent at least 16 of the Muslims back to Sulu because they were always complaining. He ran towards a mountain and rolled off the edge on to jabidau sea. Moro conflict history, incidents and peace process.


Additionally, the recruits had already begun to feel disgruntled over the non-payment of mmassacre promised P50 monthly allowance. On March 16, another batch was taken away from Corregidor.

Remembering the ‘Jabidah massacre’

About 17 men, mostly recruits from Sulu and Tawi-Tawi, entered Sabah as forest rangers, mailmen, police. Enrile responded in javidah affirmative when Bongbong Marcos asked him if there was a formal agreement between the LP and the Communist Party of the Philippines. Denial of mass killings list Genocide denial. The matter even made its way to the Supreme Court inon a preliminary issue.

Jabidah and Merdeka: The inside story

The project did not exactly start from ground zero. Univ of Wisconsin Press. Archived from the original PDF on 13 September Like dominoes, my colleagues fell.

After Jabidah, Abadilla gained notoriety as head of the Military Intelligence Security Group that arrested and killed political activists. It is also a story of Oil. In the Philippine presidential election ofthe Nacionalista candidate, Ferdinand E.