Isu lumba haram yang dikenali sebagai Mat Rempit bukannya isu baharu. Namun begitu situasi Mat Rempit ini semakin berleluasa di negara kita. Bincangkan. Gejala mat rempit boleh mendatangkan masalah kepada ketenteraman awam dan menambah. bilangan korban jalan raya. Oleh itu, terdapat beberapa langkah . Today Week Month All. Get the school specs from JKR, didn’t you know? – Dr Annuar · Massive sinkhole disrupts traffic along Sri Aman.

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Mat Rempits usually travel in groups and create disturbance in bustling city centres on weekend nights.

Every weekend, around 10 people are hospitalised after being involved in accidents when riding motorcycles at high speed. He said “We have to come down hard on the Mat Rempit who have started to become involved in robberies, snatch thefts and are even attacking innocent road users and we also need to use harsh tactics to catch the Mat Rempit that try to runaway from the roadblocks. Retrieved from ” https: On 3 Maythe Bukit Aman Traffic Division of the Royal Malaysian Policetogether with the Road Transport Departmenthave launched a major integrated operation to crack down on both car and Mat Rempit motorcycle illegal racing.

Khairy says” should become the rmpit and Ears” of Malaysian” [ clarification needed ]. Views Read Edit View history.

The Study using 2 types of interview, the first is individual interview with 16 subjects whom had involved in rempit activity in a school at Semenyih, Selangor; the second is focus isi discussion consist of 3 groups of defendant under section 42 as a result of riding motorcyle dongerously in Pulau Isk, Johor Baharu and Kuala Lumpur.

Articles with Malay-language external links Webarchive template wayback links EngvarB from February Use dmy dates from February Wikipedia articles needing clarification from February According to Selangor police chief Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah, it was the parents who are the ones iau should rrmpit blamed on this and while Kuala Lumpur deputy police chief, Datuk Amar Singh said that it was due to lack of parents’ attention, Amar also pointed out that mah when they are in a big group, they would act beyond the limit by attacking the authorities and challenging traffic laws indiscriminately, further pointed out that their peers will challenge them to do something outrageous like assaulting police officers and challenging road rules, just to prove that they’re not cowards.


Istilah ‘Rempit’; Pengertian Dan Penggunaannya Dalam Isu Lumba Motorsikal Haram Di Malaysia

More than motorcycles were impounded in the major operation which was held simultaneously in Kuala LumpurSelangor, Penang and Negeri Sembilan. Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages. Ina Member of Parliament representing Is, Pahang suggested that the Mat Rempit should be accepted and guided to save them from indulging in dangerous activities. Mat Rempit was also the main influence for the song “Salut” by the Malaysian band, Spider, in their album Bintang Innewspaper Kosmo!

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Mat Repmit are usually associated with gangsterismgang robbery, [3] [4] street fighting, assault, [5] vandalism, theft and bullying. Most motorcycles used by the Mat Rempits do not meet standard specifications, or have been modified extensively for greater speed, or just to make the exhaust noisier. View original from ojs.

Archived from the original on 13 November Additionally, most Mat Rempits do not have valid motorcycle licenses, do not pay road taxesand ride stolen motorcycles. A similar approach had been taken note of by neighbourly state Kedahwhere its state government is looking into the possibility of building such an infrastructure, to “overcome the menace”, saying another option was to create more job opportunities for them as most of them were jobless.

This research aimed to know the uses of rempit concept in the Mat Rempit dempit itself.

Retrieved 13 February Three robberies brought to my attention”. Outline of motorcycles mst motorcycling. This research reviews the definition throughly by formulating rempit activity comprehensively.

They the Mat Rempit always make their mothers and wives worry.

Mat Rempit – Wikipedia

Mat Rempits often end up being hospitalised after they fail to perform their actions or stunts such as ‘superman’, rempkt and many more. Mat Rempits are not involved in street racing but rather go against each other for cheap thrills and to rebel against authorities while some of them perform stunts for fun, such as matt wheelie, superman lying flat on the seatwikangand scorpion standing on the seat with one leg during a wheelie.


The subculture surrounding the Mat Rempit has been the focus of numerous films and songs in Malaysia. A Mat Rempit is a Malaysian term for “an individual who participates in immoral activities and public disturbance with a motorcycle as their main transport”, usually involving underbone motorcycles, [1] colloquially known as Kapcaior scooters.

The implication of the research is rempit word has to be used cautiosly, especially when trying to give a label to an individual as Mat Rempit.

We will first study if the circuit in Kelantan has effectively curbed the menace. Result of the analysis, found that rempit can be redefine as an activity of motorcycle race as together at usu consist of 2 persons which involves race i. The word “Rempit” comes from “ramp- rev -it” ramp the throttle.

Mat Rempit

A Mat Rempit racer is an individu who get involved in this activity. Rempit term race is very popular in Malaysia to use for identifying illegal motorcycle race.

With the track they will have a proper place to express their feelings and show their bravery and heroics For the future research, the definition that has to be used is the one which proposed in this research and not other vague definition. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was last edited on 24 Novemberat According to Kamus Dewanthe definition of “Rempit” is “the act of whipping with a cane”.

Malaysian culture Hazardous motor vehicle activities Motorcycling subculture. The widespread phenomenon of the subculture has driven some politicians in Malaysia to voice out concern and need to help rehabilitate the people involved in activities pertaining to that culture.