Triclosan (Irgasan DP ) (List of chemicals that may cause contact dermatitis / Chemicalien die contacteczeem kunnen veroorzaken). Triclosan (sometimes abbreviated as TCS) is an antibacterial and antifungal agent present in . Chemicals, which was acquired in by chemical giant BASF. BASF currently manufactures TCS under the brand name Irgasan DP Irgasan® DP Product Info. Description, Language, Legal Area. Material Safety Data Sheet, EN, CA, View (k). Material Safety Data Sheet, FR, CA, View.

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Morbidity irgxsan Mortality Weekly Report. Propanol propyl alcohol Isopropanol isopropyl alcohol Ethanol ethyl alcohol. Triclosan is soluble in ethanolmethanoldiethyl etherand strongly basic solutions such as a 1 M sodium hydroxide solution, but only slightly soluble in water.

Triclosan is considered safe by some but is under ongoing review by the FDA. Swiss Contact Dermatitis Research Group. Journal of Dermatological Science. Production of N-Vinyl Pyrrolidone”. This effect may also occur with chlorhexidine gluconate and PCMXamong other 3300 agents.

Triclosan is very easily absorbed, even through the skin and a stady state is reached quickly. Lay summary — Phys. Patchen; Itani, Kamal M. Inthe US FDA began the drug review monograph process for “over-the-counter OTC topical antimicrobial products,” including triclosan and triclocarban.

Toxic effects of dioxin contaminations. Official Journal of the European Union. FDA is also requesting data and information concerning the safety and effectiveness of topical antimicrobials for use as hand sanitizers or dips. Incorporated into such footwear as men’s hosiery and insoles of shoes it is called an “odor-eaters” because it is claimed that this chemical can suppress the odor produced by foot organism.


EPA generally regulates uses on solid surfaces, and FDA regulations cover uses in personal care products. Retrieved 26 January The use of triclosan-toothpaste may not be associated with any increase in serious adverse cardiac events. A bacterial host transformed by a plasmid harboring a triclosan-resistant mutant FabI gene mFabI as a selectable marker can grow in presence of high dose of triclosan in growth media.

Clc2cc Cl ccc2Oc1ccc Cl cc1O. The Globe and Mail.

IRGASAN DP | Brenntag

The 1- 2-hydroxyethyl pyrrolidinone is dehydrated with either zinc or calcium oxide into 1-vinylpyrrolidinone. Dequalinium Chlorquinaldol Oxyquinoline Clioquinol. Studies on rats have shown that triclosan exposure modulates estrogen-dependent responses. Triclosan favors anaerobic conditions which is typical in soil and sediment.

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Disinfection of the skin with detergent preparations of Irgasan DP 300 and other antiseptics.

Since then, it has expanded commercially and is now a common ingredient in soaps 0. This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Additive in plastics, polymers and textiles to give these materials antibacterial properties Anti-microbial creams Anti-odor insoles and hose Bath additives Body wash Commercial laundry products Cosmetics Deodorant soaps Deodorants and antiperspirants Detergents, dish washing liquids Disposable paper products Foot powders and sprays Laundry products Shampoos Toothpaste.

Food and Drug Administration. A critical review of the literature”.

Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology. Retrieved on October 27,http: Uses authors parameter ECHA InfoCard ID from Wikidata Articles containing unverified chemical infoboxes Wikipedia articles needing clarification from June Articles containing potentially dated statements from All articles containing potentially dated statements All articles with vague or ambiguous time Vague or ambiguous time from September Articles containing potentially dated statements from Triclosan was used as a hospital scrub in the s.

Phenols often demonstrate antibacterial properties. It has also been found in land animals including earthworms and species higher up the food chain. A widespread environmental toxicant with many biological effects. In an article from May on the current status of triclosan, Gurpreet Singh Dhillon and colleagues cite various studies that report “emerging health concerns related to the use of TCS such as microbial resistance, dermal irritations, endocrine disruption, higher incidence of allergies, altered thyroid hormone metabolism and tumors development due to TCS and its by-products”.


Retrieved May 3,https: This organic compound is a white powdered solid with a slight aromatic, phenolic odor.

Triclosan has been associated with a higher risk of food allergy. Soft paraffin dressings Zinc bandages. In healthcare, triclosan is used in surgical scrubs and hand washes.

A comprehensive analysis in from the University of Michigan School of Public Health indicated that plain soaps are just as effective as consumer-grade antibacterial soaps with triclosan in preventing illness and removing bacteria from the hands. D commercial, institutional, and industrial equipment uses, triclosan is incorporated in conveyor belts, fire hoses, dye bath vats, or ice-making equipment as an antimicrobial.

Concerns on the health effects of triclosan irhasan been raised after it was detected in human breast milk, blood, and urine samples. Effective or Just Risky? Under a reflux process, 2,4,4′-trichloro-2′-methoxydiphenyl ether is treated with aluminium chloride.

Categorized as a polychloro phenoxy phenoltriclosan is a chlorinated aromatic compound that has functional groups representative of both ethers and phenols.