Immortality, the novel is speculative fiction. Present day and life as we know it has just taken a quick left turn. Evolution is operating in ways no one could have. Immortality has been a best-selling techno-thriller on the Amazon Kindle since January ! Publisher’s Weekly STARRED FULL review: When. Sarah Mayfield, a young rookie cop, is plagued by dreams and a sense that some horror is just around the corner. Nobel winning molecular.

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Other colorful characters include dedicated policewoman Sarah Mayfair, whose horrific dreams and improbable survival enable contact with the forces behind the outbreaks; cynical Gen. Preview — Immortality by Kevin Bohacz. I am Kevin Bohacz a 1 bestselling techno-thriller novelist and prolific lucid dreamer… Welcome to my dreams. The science of it all was a bit overwhelming at times. His career evolved with the birth of the personal computer revolution and with the emergence of the internet.

I have been awarded starred reviews for my novels from Publishers Weekly as well as high praise from many other book review publications. What she does find is large amounts of Chromatium Omri, a benign water bacterium, in eighty percent of the Anchorage victims. Thanks for telling us about the problem. His hunch that fossilised mats of this organism may be linked to great extinction events of the past, is starting to look feasible in the light of his most recent discoveries made on a field trip.

Jun 19, Neil rated it did not like it. This book manages to do what all the best sci-fi does — provide a thought-provoking, alternative viewpoint on the business of existence.

Toward the end of the book, I thought the descriptions of the mental interfaces with the god-machine used by the main character were fascinating.

The bigger problem with the book is that the writing is clumsy and all the characters are unlikable. Morrison’s search for the cause of the kill zones. Here is the blog feed from my Facebook page: Books by Kevin Bohacz. The book lef This is an extraordinary read. The Authors Guild is the nation’s professional organization for writers, aiding and protecting author’s interest in copyright, fair contracts, and free expression since This is especially true of late when one major PolItical Party, and their Presidential candidate want to gut, and or do away with all Environmental controls, and Agencies – Immortallty essentially wants to give Industry a free pass to pollute our Nation’s Air, Water, as well as Soil.


I am also a writer for national computer magazines, founder and president of two high technology corporations, a scientist and engineer for over 35 years, and the inventor of an advanced electric car system.

Just think, open minded, that there might be a remote possibility.

The ebook eighth edition was released in The Naptime Author Anne Clare explores the world of writing, one stolen minute at a time. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Other colorful characters include dedicated policewoman Sarah Mayfair, whose horrific dreams and improbable survival enable contact with immrtality forces behind the outbreaks; cynical Gen. If you thought Immortality was powerful, just wait until you read the sequel.

I actually enjoyed the ideas and how they evolved but I felt like immortaity writing became a lot sloppier. Inhe relocated his company to Dallas, TX to take advantage of the web-broadcasting bbohacz of the Central United States and to find his bride. Birds begin to fall from the sky, and before he find shelter, he slides into a deadly paralysis. W R Daniel Author.

Also, Sarah goes from feeling a malevolent force, to realizing it’s unfeeling and cold, to feeling like there’s some big evil out there again. In the remote and unnoticed places of the world, small pockets of death begin occurring. To make the finale work, he had to take a well-developed character and flatten him out to 2-dimensional status, and tried to blame it on the scientific postulate he espoused.


Acid rain poured down on the Northeastern United States. There was one more issue I had with the book. Gang member or not, didn’t ring true.

Review of “Immortality” by Kevin Bohacz

Immortality is the epic story of the days and weeks leading up to the end of known humanity and the beginning of the end of our modern day civilization. Humans are dropping like flies. There was intensity in his voice the whole time. But philosophical concerns never obtrude on the fast-paced plot, as authorities investigate communes of hybrids, and Freedman and Mayfair must choose between absorption into a collective mind or fidelity to their remaining humanity. And don’t even get me started on the plot holes!!

The book then switches back and forth between the interesting parts about the scientists investigating immoetality ‘plague’ and two supplemental characters, a female police officer in New Jersey, and a married couple in New York The description of this book had me intrigued.

I cannot wait to read Ghosts of Gods and can easily recommend Immortality to others.

Review of “Immortality” by Kevin Bohacz | Brainfluff

An illicit bulldozer operator begins hearing terrible noises from the depths of the Brazilian rainforest. People die, anarchy breaks out. Even more intriguing is the pattern of infestation, a concentration of bacteria at the base of the brain.

I stole this review from amazon: Contact Us Donate Sitebuilder. Kevkn zones are known as the “kill zones”.

In Immortality was published. By Immortality had become a bestseller on Kebin and continues to be a bestseller to this day. Just my own opinion. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: