The iManager U inherits all the functions of the original T, N BMS, and DMS systems, and manages Huawei transport, IP, and access equipment. OBN iManager N BMS Introduction ISSUE CJH, CJH, iManager N BMS Advanced Operation and CJL, CJL, iManager N BMS Operation Training (MSAN),

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In the distributed deployment mode, you can deploy all servers in only the same LAN. It displays the information such as the current status, current login user, IP address of the server that is connected currently, and current operation result. It also provides the functions of displaying the statuses of online users in real time, restricting the number of online users, and forcing users to log out.

It can detect network faults or degradation in a timely manner and report endto- end SLA data of the network. A GUI in the U, which reflects the network structure.

The security devices defend against GTP overbilling attacks, thus protecting users’ benefits against illegitimate damages. This base stores alarm details. In this way, the U has flexible expansion capabilities. In the case of network failure, the communication channel between the U and its managed network is interrupted.

The device is displayed with the node icon on the topological view.

iManager N2000 BMS

The U supports n200 analysis of the correlation between different NEs. These features greatly improve the deployment efficiency and reduce network construction costs. You can query or set the following communication parameters: When the data is backed up in the SFTP mode, the commands and the data are encrypted before they are transmitted. These lines can be managed by EMSs provided by different vendors.

The FC service test serves to verify whether the FC service line and the equipment under test are normal. In addition, the U can quickly load services on the current network to itself for unified management and monitoring, without requiring much user participation. A user can be added to multiple user groups. The running status of the resources used by the current service, such as an interface, imahager VRF, or a VSI, can be displayed in the related topology view, thus helping you to quickly locate faults.


This is the dual-homing protection. Subnet mask Also referred to as the network mask off code, it is used to define network segments, so that only the computers in the same network segment can communicate with one another, thus suppressing broadcast storm between different network segments. When the spectrum analyzer unit detects that the sum of each wavelength power greatly differs from the standard power of the corresponding wavelength count, an exceptional event is reported ijanager the U The convergence rate of the MSTP is fast.

Management capability The number of managed Maximum: Policy auditing is to audit the policy configuration differences between the NMS and device, so as to determine whether the policy needs to be deployed or discovered. Imaanager this manner, you need not perform basic configurations on the NE again.

Device Management By using the U, you can manage device panels, shelves, cards, and system parameter profiles. With the template management function, you can quickly configure NEs in batches.

Symbol Description Indicates a hazard with a high level of risk, which if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury. Figure shows the alarm n20000 function.

Therefore, missing configurations are reduced, and security services can be configured reliably and efficiently. This ensures that services are available. Changes in Issue 03 The second commercial release has the following updates: User i,anager User set refers to the set of NMS users with the same management authorities. A period time range is on a weekly cycle. It can be used as a monitoring imanaegr.


Then, the services restore quickly. Service Mirroring Configuration In the case of the service mirroring, all packets that enter a certain port are duplicated and then duplicated packets are transmitted through an observation port.

Service Deployment The U provides a user-friendly service configuration GUI on which you can complete all configuration operations. Configuration data is the imaager file of NEs, and it is the key for efficient network running.

Binding In virtual concatenated payload configuration, designating one binding number to identify the VC4s of the same virtual concatenated payload is called “bind”.

Test a line by using test single-test mode parameters of the baseline imahager test in in-service mode, compare the test result with the baseline data, and provide alerts or alarms for the line. In this manner, you can know the statistics about network-related indicators, evaluate network performance, and perform association analysis on network performance.

When BMS DC Load patch from OLT (MAT)fail

You can imanaber indicators and indicator groups. Alarm handling capability Normally, not more than at most pieces of alarms can be handled per second. History performance The performance data stored in the history register and the data auto-report performance data stored on the NMS are called history performance data in a unified way.

It provides intelligent configuration and monitoring means. Security Policy Management The functions of security policy management are described as follows: