At last, the resution of eternal puzzle: WHY PEOPLE LAUGH. Igor Krishtafovich discovered a formula of laughter. As it turned out, humor is a weapon. Humor is a . Humor theory: formula of laughter / Igor Krichtafovitch ; [illus. – Limited View | HathiTrust Digital Library | HathiTrust Digital Library. Skip to main. HathiTrust. : Humor Theory: Formula of Laughter: pages. Dimensions: in. x in. x last, the resution of eternal puzzle: WHY PEOPLE LAUGH.

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Nor was the dilemma of humor bypassed krichtafovjtch the author of one of the most controversial theories of the nineteenth century: The intensity of research increased in the seventies and eighties of last century when international conferences on humor were organized, the first of which bby place in Cardiff, Wales, ; and when books were published, summarizing and drawing conclusions on previous studies.

That which is not contained in the works of Attardo may be found in the writings of Thomas C. The soul-lover spared no one. Multi-Media Press the play button to listen to the author’s audio file. Its smile and laughter are indicators of purely physical comfort, the satisfaction of his first-order aims and needs, most of krichtafovitcn, of hunger.

What makes Biblio different?

Humor Theory : Formula of Laughter by Igor Krichtafovitch (2006, Paperback)

Luk justly pointed out that laughter could be caused both by a feeling of comfort including physical comfortas well as suddenly thwarted danger. The reader should not assume that no understanding has been attained about the nature of humor.

In this event, there may be a slight delay in shipping and possible variation in description. Millions of books are added to our site everyday and when we find one that matches your search, we’ll send you an e-mail. Experimental data Robert R. The party of the conqueror also laughed, and those who belonged to the camp of the conquered grieved. The great majority of jokes and witticisms that reach us via radio [at the time that the book was being written, television had not yet come into use] contain elements of ridicule.


Laughter contains the krichtafoviitch of society and conception krichtafovitxh the world.

Simple and intelligible to any. The thesis about the social nature of humor becomes even more convincing if we pose the question of what the antithesis of funny is. One regular joker told the author that once in his life, even this approach failed. The formula of laughter is primarily for comedians, writers who write satirical pieces, politicians and for people with strong sense of leadership.

At the same time, the author has punctiliously tracked the humod of scientific progress, trying to spot the moment when someone else would arrive at the same conclusions. The purpose of judgment, Locke thought, was to avoid error based on random, trivial similarity.

– Humor Theory Formula of Laughter by Igor Krichtafovitch

Laughter exists independently of our wishes. See all 5 brand new listings. Even a friendly banter is a sort of intellectual clash, a kind of training before serious battles.

He approached the analysis of wit as a form of thought. Even a friendly banter is a sort of intellectual clash, a kind of training before serious battles.

9781598002225 – Humor Theory Formula of Laughter by Igor Krichtafovitch

Daily we compete and sharpen our competitive mastery not in physical, but in mental superiority, wherein our wit and our ability to find solutions serve as weapons. Numerous periodicals are currently being published, including the Kricntafovitch Journal of Humor Research.


Why this happens — we can try and guess underlined by usbut this is a completely different question. Search Results Results 1 -6 of 6. If laughter is an expression of pleasure and rising up the social ladder, then what psychological state expresses an unhappy state of mind, theoey a descent down that same ladder?

You may also like. In the opposite case, if instead of something small we suddenly discover something large, we get a feeling of ascending incongruity. Similarly in the realm of the graphic arts: Examining the relations between individuals engaged in laughter, he lrichtafovitch that humor contains aggression of one individual against the other. He was constantly held back by the fear that his discovery was lrichtafovitch at the least bit novel, that it had already been widely discussed, and worse, put aside.

Book Details At last, the resution of eternal puzzle: Is it possible to compose some, even approximate, mathematical equations which describe this work and give as a result a value of the amplitude of emotions? Morris adhered to a slightly different point of view.

The above table gives us one additional key to understanding the nature of humor. Krichtafovihch asserted that ” Any humorous text will contain an element of incongruity and an element of resolution.