Inventor: Plauson Hermann; Original Assignee: Plauson Hermann; Priority date H PLAUSON CONVERSION OF’ATMOSPHE’R IC ELECTRIC ENERGY v. Conversion of atmospheric electric energy. United States Patent Inventors: Hermann, Plauson. Application Number: USA. Publication Date. Hermann Plauson was an Estonian engineer and inventor. Plauson investigated the production of energy and power via atmospheric electricity. Biography.

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Should however the voltage be increased by and influences so that it might be dangerous for charging the condensers 5 and 6 or for the coil insulation 9 and 10 in consequence of break down, by a correct regulation of this spark gap the second spark gap can discharge free from inductive effects direct to earth without endangering the machine.

If on the contrary horizontal coils of 1 to km diameter be employed very strong currents may be obtained through discharges which are constantly taking place in the atmosphere. Figure 1 illustrates a simple diagram for converting static electricity into dynamic power of a high number of oscillations. B is the air balloon, K a Cardan ring connection with the hawserC the balloon, L a good connecting cable, P a positive pole, N negative incandescent cathode, and E earth conductor.

The small circles on the collector balloon indicate places at which zinc amalgam or gold amalgam or other photoelectric acting metals in the form of small patches in extremely thin layers 0.

The invention is more particularly described with reference to the accompanying drawing in which: The actual working circuit is formed through the spark gap 7, condensers 5 and 6, and through the primary coil 9; here the llauson electricity formed by oscillatory discharges is accumulated and converted into high frequency electromagnetic oscillations. F s the safety spark gap which is also connected to earth through a second electromagnet S at E.

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It has now been found that if the network conductor connecting the aerial collector balloons with one another is not made as a simple annular conductor, but preferably short circuited in the form of coils over a condenser battery or spark gap or through thermionic tubes or valves or audions, then the total collecting network exhibits quite new properties. In consequence of this the points mounted on the collector balloon show a considerably reduced resistance and therefore increased static charges between the points on the balloon and the surrounding atmosphere are produced.


Retrieved from ” https: Gernsback, from Science and Invention, February During the War there was developed in Germany a new art — or science — that bids fair to revolutionize our present…. In Figure 27 the current producing network I is shown with three balloon collectors 1, 2, 3 and aerial conductors 4, 5, 6; it is short-circuited through condenser 19 and inductance 9. Any undesirable excess super-pressure which may be formed must be automatically let off. It is evident that a motor may also be directly connected to the ends of the spiral 9.

Hemann is a vertical aerial or aerial network. Figure 21 shows diagrammatically -an arrangement suitable for collecting large quantities of energy. Figure 1 illustrates asimple diagram for convertin static electricity into dynamic energy 0 a high number of oscillations.

As the spark gap forms a closed circuit with condensers 5 and 6, and inductive resistance 9, as is well known, waves of high frequency electromagnetic oscillations will pass in this circuit. Varmelegeme med elektriske varmemodstande DKC In Figure 28 the collector coil I is shown with a thin line, the metallically connected prolongation coils II with a thick line. Olauson simple internal system playson ribs, stays and wires, gives the balloon rigidity as well as a certain amount of elasticity.

By means of this winch, the balloon, which is filled with hydrogen, or helium, can be allowed to rise to a suitable height to meters and brought to the ground for recharging or repairs.

In Figure 10 a purely inductive coupling is employed for the motor circuit. Heinrich Rudolph made an interesting contribution to the design of the aerostat collectors. Further, such currents have the. Instead of the ordinary round balloons, elongated cigar shaped ones may be employed. A means of overcoming such difficulties is shown in Figure InPlauson published a research hremann on the subject, titled “Production and Utilization of the Atmospheric Electricity” Gr. He also compares the form of the protection to that of a great petticoat insulator.

He proposes the erection of towers to be in the neighborhood of 1, feet high, or about the height of the Eiffel Tower. To prepare the needle-like wires, they are collected into bundles and are treated electrolytically in a bath, so as to be dissolved in part.

US1540998A – Conversion of atmospheric electric energy – Google Patents

The collector of the balloon insulated from the earth showed a tension of 42, volts. B is the air balloon, K a Cardan ring connection with the hawserC the balloon, L a good connecting cable, P a positive pole, N negative incandescent cathode, and E earth conductor. Now if the rotor be turned further through 90 degrees by mechanical energy the rotor plate 3 comes opposite her,ann stator plate hermabn and the rotor plate 4 opposite the stator plate 1, so that then the rotor pates are in a field of reverse sign.


This is necessary when the llauson have to be conducted over mountains and valley and so forth. The method of connecting the incandescent cathode floating in the air may be seen in Figures The spark gap 7, inductive resistance 9 and induction coil 10 are like the ones previously described.

Conversion of atmospheric electric energy – Hermann, Plauson

This has the advantage that quite small quantities of electricity cause the cathode to become incandescent and much larger cathode bodies may be rendered incandescent. At the commencement it was thought that this apparatus could only be regarded as alternating current converters, but it was soon found that much more energy was necessary to rotate the rotor than might be necessary to overcome the friction. Plauson’s patent describe methods to convert alternating radiant static electricity into rectified continuous current pulses.

Regular undamped oscillations of a high frequency may however be produced if the converter be carried out in the manner shown in Figure The whole voltage energy in the aerial is thereby however increased. S and S 1 are two protective electromagnets, F the second safety section against excess voltage, E its earth conductor and E1 the earth conductor of the working section.

Hermann Plauson | Free Energy Community

Instead of using heavy metallic netting as collectors attached to single air ballons of non-conducting materials which are liable to be torn and are permeable to the gas, it is proposed to use metallic balloon collectors which have the following important advantages Figure 2 shows a mode of connections.

Consequently between P and N, a voltage is formed, hegmann as, plason N and P only an inductionless ohmic resistance is present, a spark will spring over so long as the separate induction co-efficients and the like are correctly calculated. July 15, Application Date in United Kingdom: