HBP 2009-14 PDF

Subject: Amendment in Para of HBP v.1, In exercise of powers conferred under Para of the Foreign Trade Policy, , the Director General. Subject: Amendment of HBP Vol I (RE )/ In exercise of the powers conferred under Paragraph of the Foreign Trade Policy. Para of the Hand Book of Procedure Volume 1 (HBP v1) permits Policy Circulars earlier issued in terms of Para of HBP are also.

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Latest DGFT Public Notices.

I Appendices and Aayat Niryat Forms Which service s are you interested in? Get Sample Now Which service s are you interested in? However, transfer of capital jbp to group companies, within five years from the date of import would be permitted after fulfilment of EO, under intimation to RA and jurisdictional Central Excise Authority. The new sub-para will be as under: 2009-144 in the date of effect for implementation of bar-coding on export consignment of pharmaceuticals and drugs for tracing and tracking purpose.

I Appendices hb; Aayaat Niryat Forms. Amendments in Handbook of Procedures This will be deemed to have come into effect on 5. However, the EO of a particular block of year may be set off by the excess exports made in the preceding block year. Implementation of the procedure for export of certified organic products notified vide Public Notice No.


Amendment in Para 3. Procedure for Incremental Exports Incentivisation Scheme.

Modification in 2090-14 description of Import Item No. Enlistment of Six Pre-shipment Inspection Agencies. Amendment in Appendix 2 of the Handbook of Procedure Vol.

DGFT Public Notice No. 63/ | Amendment in Appendix 37A of HBP vol I 14

I and Appendices under Foreign Trade Policy. Amendment in Hand Book of Procedures Relaxation of condition for fulfillment of export obligation in respect of consignments of gold articles.

Amendments in para 2. Amendment in Handbook of Procedure Vol. Amendment in Chapter 2 of the Handbook of Procedure 200914 Amendment in the Para 9. If a merchant exporter is EPCG authorization holder, name of supporting manufacturer shall also be indicated on shipping bills. In exercise of the powers conferred under Paragraph 2. Amendment in paragraph 1. Implementation of the procedure for export of certified organic products notified vide Public Notice No.

Amendments in the Handbook of Procedures Vol. Amendments in Chapter-4 of Hand Book of Proceduresrelated to clubbing of Advance Authorisations, extension of Export Obligation period and regularization of bonafide default in the cases where Authorisations were 200914 for import of drugs from unregistered sources with pre import condition.

Import Export Data, Export Import shipment data from Customs

K 36 for export product “Hulled Sesame Seeds”. Handbook of Procedure Vol.


Reasonable wastage, if any, anticipated at the time of installation of capital goods will also be certified by the Chartered Engineer in the nexus certificate and the same would be mentioned in the condition sheet of the EPCG authorization at the time of issue. Addition of new sub para 5. Such first extension in EO period can be for a maximum period of 2 years. Procedure for export of pulses to Republic of Maldives.

Effect of this Public Notice: Amendment in Para 5. The rewritten para will be as under: Grab your seat now!

Amendments in Appendix 5 of the Handbook of Procedures Vol. Advance Authorization for export of an item which is otherwise prohibited for export. Amendment in Public Notice No.

Services allotted to SEPC. Insertion of sub-para VIII in paragraph 2.

Applicability of provisions of Para 2.20 of HBP

Sourcing of domestic Capital Goods on lease basis An EPCG authorization holder may, source capital goods from a domestic leasing company. Corrigendum to Public Notice. Introduction of new Para 3. Public Notice File No: Amendment in paragraph 2.