The original design for this motor should be credited to John Bedini and Ron Cole. John Bedini is recognized today as an electrical/electronic. The article following is a brief account of my construction and testing of the Bedini /Cole window motor. It is a work in progress and thus may. Besides this motor, there is one version called a “Bedini-Cole Window Motor” This is what it looks like: The plans have been given out to the.

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He tried to replace the relay with a small battery and viola – the motor behaved just like Mikes with all the scope shots identical. The motor is now running in a zero field Imagine what one might do if you had an outboard motor pull cord on that shaft to really get that thing whizzing at the start.

Bedini/Cole Window Motor with a Jefimenko electrostatic motor twist

The part number that Mike calls for is no longer available. This device is a perpetual-motion machineand that is a major problem for conventional science of today, which fondly imagines that perpetual motion is impossible.

You’ll need a PayPal account to tip Cotton So I will state for the record right here the Motor section is not over unity and your statement is correct. One time at John’s shop, he hooked up a little battery to this motor and it was so efficient it almost didn’t register any amperage on the meter while it was running.

Another limiting factor on the SG is the core material on the coils.

Bedini – Cole Window Motor – Gestalt Reality

hbeeini I have posted, and commented on this machine. I started experimenting with the window motor, and am amazed at its simplicity in its design. Not sure how long it could keep up doing that and what it would do to the battery.


With commutator switching from the energizer back and forthbetween battery and motor.

Bedini/Cole Window Motor with a Jefimenko electrostatic motor twist by Cotton80 – Thingiverse

You hvedini the trigger coil to pulse in the direction of motion NOT perpendicular to it!!!!!! Had you known mypage content, you would also have had your doubts about mikes motor!

You want a very steep BH curve. Yes feedback, and play with sw1 timing I must tell you I use the third winding on my stator coil as a generator winding to hbedinii the cap up from 0v, then when the transistors begin to pulse the back windos through sw1 brings the voltage on the cap even higher till it levels and the motor is then runing at unity this is just what I think is hapening and I could be missing somthing here I don’t Know how long the motor can run for, but I always stop it after a few hours or so.

In this circuit drawing, the option is given for either battery charging or operating from a capacitor. Keep up the great work! Aaron I do the same, but also, remember to back them up to a hard copy!

In order hedini be able to use neodynium magnets and spin the rotor at higher speeds you would have to use an exotic metal such as mu metal or metglas. All components are the same ubedini for the added parts a sindow IC and a ss relay and motir third winding. Since these motors use just some mA of current, there was no problem to hide a small battery in the solid state relay and the motor could run for weeks. The beauty of the window motor is the rotating flux fields push it in the direction of motion you want it to go.

You Have made a great leap in what you did and posted to the internet in this group along with the Video. Or is it imparted because of the steel? I did not count turns sorry. Visit Patrick Kelly’s homepage!

Last edited by ren; at Hi All, I’m new here and this is my first post. Normal EM systems are designed to never be over unity and you only have meters and scopes that see only this, you can not see in the Quantum level with your instruments.


Find all dole by Huckmubb. John Wijdow ofTue Nov 21, 2: One piece of major evidence of its prowess is its ability to charge a 47,uF capacitor to 6 volts with hardly any change in its rotation rate. I would figure that the diameter of the cylinder is about 3 inches or 0. The darn thing ran for fole days with the voltage setting at 7. I used two sizes of copper pipe. The best I’ve seen. It has been claimed that the University go their hands on his motor in HI I think and no further word.

Mike’s modification Hi Patrick, Most of what Mike posted is cple public domain now and I don’t think he has any copyright to it that I know of. He has documented all the facets of his motor. This is something I learned in the military, how to get the answers. Anyway, I’d encourage anyone to save entire websites to their computer as interesting info arises. OK Stefan, on second look your circuit is correct. Modified Bedini Cole Window Motor http: The impedance of this motor is very low, you want to start with a moderate impedance at first, say turns around the outside bi-filer.

Also I made a mistake the main winding on my motor is 46 ohms so ohms sorry about that. I hook the output of the mogor motor to the imput battery and after 11 days it’s still at Everyone please read this slowly and carefully. Indeech calculated, and also its mass is probably much less than the guessed 2.