quotes from Norwegian Wood: ‘If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.’. The publication of the novel caused such a sensation in Japan that novelist Haruki Murakami was obligated to quit his native journey and move to the United . Norveska suma [Haruki Murakami] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I danas je medju mladima u Japanu najcitanija Murakamijeva knjiga.

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I could see the scene in my mind, but was unable to recall the time or place. Aug 18, Luffy rated it it was amazing. The people around me had gone on ahead long before, while my time and I hung back, struggling through the mud. The students at Watanabe’s college go on strike and call for a revolution.

Some said it was a tax dodge, others saw it as a publicity stunt for the contributors, and still others claimed that the construction of the dormitory was a cover for swindling the public out of a prime piece of real estate.

While Naoko despite having everything depicts the downfall of life, Midori after having a difficult childhood and teen years shines like a bright ray of hope. Storm Trooper treasured everything he owned. I just happened to pick drama, that’s all,” which was not the most convincing explanation I could have come up with. I went to lectures more faithfully than ever. Reiko talks about the cause of her downfall into mental illness and details the failure of her marriage, while Naoko talks about the unexpected suicide of her older sister several years ago.

I’ve been doing the same thing every day for ten years, and once I start I do the whole routine unconsciously. It is rather like stream of consciousness turned outward.


I know that many people love it, which is totally okay. Naoko checks herself into a facility, and Toru visits her and her friend Reiko there. I revisited Norwegian Wood remembering nothing about my Sophomore year experience suuma it, nothing except that I loved it.

Books by Haruki Murakami.

The tank was still warm with the heat of the sunlight it had absorbed during the day. It was nicely faded, obviously having been washed many times. On the other hand, it’s a gentle celebration of this aloofness. To me, though, the book less reflects Catcher in the Rye than it predicts Zach Braff’s Garden State, an ode to a time in life when the big choices norveskw so big that you don’t end up making them at all, and find yourself instead drawn to the safety and comfort of nostalgia and memory.

This isn’t a sappy love story as some Murakami fans would like to tell you. It is about friendship and love and sexuality. Paperbackpages. He was up at six each morning with the strains of “May Our Lord’s Reign”.

Toru also befriends another very intelligent boy from university, Nagasawa, his exact opposite in terms of ambition and motivation.

After 18 would come 19, and after 19, 18, of course. That they would fall in love and not into a deep, dark well. The paved path leading from the gate circumvented the tree and continued on long and straight across a broad quadrangle, two three- story concrete dorm buildings facing each other on either side of the path. Watanabe, his classmate Kizuki, and Kizuki’s mruakami Naoko are the best of friends.

Norwegian Wood Quotes

After hearing the ‘Norwegian Wood’ by Beatles, he is overcome with nostalgia and begins musing about his teenage years. I worked on the lorries five days a week, and murakaim nights a week I continued my job at the record shop. It was easy both times. There was no choice in the matter. Before long one of the German stewardesses approached and asked in English if I were sick.


Both girls represent the extreme ends of norvexka. At times we kick the ball around for a while, laugh heartily among ourselves and leave the field, slapping each others’ backs.

Norveška šuma – Wikipedija

And worse, I was in love. Frankly, I like the convoluted twists and turns, the improbable histories and even the talking cats. All the lonely people Where do they all belong? When the summer holidays ended and a new term started, Naoko began walking next to me as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do. When you’re surrounded by endless possibilities, one of the hardest things you can do is pass them up.

People treated him with respect, even the dorm Head. I know it’s going to save me if anything will. Naoko was the girlfriend of my best and only friend, Kizuki. And you love her. It starts good, but then reveals his elitist and disdainful core: Which villain would come out on top? The first loss that marks Toru is the suicide of Kizuki — his best friend from highschool, an event he deals with mostly by moving away and bottling up his emotions.

Her name was Hatsumi, and she was the same age as Nagasawa.