The traumatic factor plays a prominent rôle in this condition. Two types of cases are noted: (1) the. Academic Surgeons. Upstate Orthopedics, LLP – Upstate Medical University Department of Orthopedic Surgery in Syracuse, NY is seeking a BC/BE Surgeons in. Habitual dislocation of patella. 1. Case Presentation Habitual Dislocation of Patella Dr Sushil Sharma First Year MS Orthopaedic Resident; 2.

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Congenital dislocation of the patella.

Habitual dislocation of patella: A review

Radiological examination revealed evidence of patella alta as defined by Insall and Salvati,[ 7 ] and Q angle was 18 degrees. We believed that the MPFL was torn, making normal patellar tracking impossible. Total knee arthroplasty for gonarthrosis with patellar dislocation. ov

The displacement is painless in habitual dislocation, in marked contrast to recurrent dislocation which occurs as isolated episodes, often in response to trauma and is accompanied by pain and swelling. Recurrent dislocation of the patella. The graft was tense close to extension and relaxed during flexion.

He showed good results with improvement of sulcus angle at follow up. Preoperative Kujala score[ 9 ] was A complication of intramuscular injections. In our case, the patient was a year-old female with moderate degeneration and an active lifestyle.

Habitual dislocation of patella: A review

Due to shortening of the extensor mechanism, the patella could not be reduced. An open surgery procedure was performed.

They also recommended that various soft tissue procedures are necessary in combination for the correction of habitual dislocation of patella in adults with high grade patella-femoral chondromalacia. Open surgery was performed associating lateral retinacular release, reconstruction of the medial patellofemoral ligament with an ipsilateral gracilis tendon graft. The main difficulty which could have been encountered during surgery was identifying a flexion deficit after performing reconstruction because of the secondary retraction of the quadriceps.

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hagitual Habitual dislocation of patella is a condition where the patella dislocates whenever the knee is flexed and spontaneously relocates with extension of the knee. Radiographs showed well reduced patella in both lateral, anteroposterior view and skyline view [ Figure 2 ]. Proximal and distal reconstruction of the extensor mechanism for patellar subluxation. Am J Sports Med. We believe that the soft tissue surgery patelka primary procedure will buy additional time for patient to delay the TKA and proper soft tissue balancing will improve the longevity and clinical outcome of the definitive procedures.

Whether or not habitual dislocation occurred depended on factors extrinsic habital the quadriceps such as femoral torsion, dysplasia of the lateral femoral condyle, genu valgum, a laterally placed patellar tendon insertion and ligamentous laxity. In recurrent dislocations, there were no contractures of the soft tissue lateral to the patella, but medial stabilisation was found to be weak. Second look arthroscopy performed after 1 year of surgery showed no obvious deterioration of the patellar cartilage.

The corrective surgery for habitual dislocation involved release of any superolateral contracture, until the patella remained in the intercondylar groove in the fully flexed position of the knee. Various surgical techniques have been reported to treat pediatric population.

View at Google Scholar T. The most important factor patela contracture of soft tissues lateral to patella.

The average age at surgery was Therefore, there was no indication for recentering the patella or lowering the tibial tubercle by osteotomy. At birth they may present with a stiff extended knee or congenital recurvatum or congenital dislocation. To receive pqtella and publication updates for Case Reports in Orthopedics, enter your email address in the box below. Medial vector augmentation and patellar tendon alignment procedures should be included depending on the degree of quadriceps dysfunction.


Overall, the cause of dislocation was isolated rupture of the medial stabilizing apparatus of the patella. This is followed by complete dissection of vastus lateralis from its attachment to the patella and the lateral side of rectus femoris. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Report of three cases.

There was no patellar dysplasia, but the trochlea was slightly flattened Figures 2 and 3. After pulling a suture through the holes the femoral attachment point was found and with the patelal of a temporary pin in the medial epicondyle, favorable anisometry could be patepla the graft relaxed as the knee was flexed and a Corkscrew suture anchor Arthrex, Naples, FL, USA was put in place.

Preoperative patellofemoral X-ray, tangential view in neutral rotation: View at Google Scholar J. A year-old man consulted for limping. A flat patellar undersurface and flat femoral groove were commonly seen at review but did not prevent a successful outcome.