Editorial Reviews. Review. Set during the Tiananmen Square uprising of , The Crazed, a novel from Ha Jin, the award-winning author of the. The Crazed [Ha Jin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A New York Times Notable Book A Washington Post, Los Angeles times, and San. A New York Times Notable Book A Washington Post, Los Angeles times, and San Jose Mercury News Best Book of the Year Ha Jin’s seismically powerful.

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He has been compared to Dickens, Balzac, and Isaac Babel. With the commotion of two nights ago still in my hx, I feared I was going to lose my mind.

Review: The Crazed by Ha Jin | Books | The Guardian

Part of the charm of writing like this is that a reader can choose to ignore the depth of the prominant themes and still find superficial pleasure in the tale. What do you think of these two statements? It is in the hospital scenes, as Jian and his fellow student Banping struggle to contain their embarrassment when their tutor breaks into the chorus of a Maoist ditty or instructs them to “Kill all those bastards!

Ha Jin, who writes only in English, cemented his reputation with “Waiting”, which was lavished with critical praise and literary awards. A pristine copy, very fine and near as mint.

The Crazed by Ha Jin

A stroke victim sometimes babbles nonsense that just might be more truthful than his pre-stroke talk. Ha Jin’s novel The Crazed gives us a view into Chinese scholarship of the recent past, and, like the main character Jian Wan, makes us question the present and the future of studies in a highly insular commu As a university student applying to graduate studies, I realize how tough it can be with “office politics” getting in the way of research.


He uses his acquired language as a storyteller and poet of the first rank who bears witness to the collision between personal experience in all its pain, beauty, and complexity and the arbitrary suffering that History, Fate, and Destiny inflict upon all human beings, whether they be powerful or powerless.

All depends on how cleverly you can toss jim the jargon. Quercus Rare Books Published: The historical context was interesting.

The Crazed

The last part of the book is where things get sloppy. I can only wish for myself that massiv I ccrazed everything about this book. Ha Jin portrays the lengths that people will go to attain and abuse power. First Edition, First Printing. Anyone subject to foreign influences—intellectuals, officials, students, artists and dissidents—was labeled a “rightist” or “counterrevolutionary. The length of the book is perfect.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. This title is a contemporary classic. What is the importance of each place and its role in the context of the entire novel? What he does not realize is that there are forces conspiring against him. This ya read is definitely thin. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. William Heinemann Ltd, Discover what to read next.

Rather, it is a masterful stroke that completely prepares us for the existential break-down of the protagonist that was initially fed by the original misfortune. I grabbed it because the author is a celebrated Boston University professor, and he had acclaim for his previous book. How anyone could be “mystified” by crzed end of this book, or could have “no idea what Ha Jin was trying to say”, leaves me incredulous. According to Professor Yang, what is the fundamental difference cfazed Western and Chinese poetry?


However, there is so much bubbling away under the surface that to sneak even fhe momentary glance will bring much satisfaction. How does his lack of objectivity affect your reading? I think both the sound and meaning of the po Read for a book club.

For any questions feel free to email us. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Maybe it was my mood or the fact I had the flu but this was not a compelling book.

It helped that this was written so clearly, with the protagonist unknotting and piecing together all the different scenarios that he was witnessing in his mind. Read for a book club. Russell Books Ltd Ba Though not marked, from the collection of Mel Waggoner, host of the public radio program “Profiles” which interviewed authors. Animal imagery permeates the first half of the book. It leaves you not only wanting more but thinking about the characters after it ends.

Perhaps it is more emotional than Crqzed Crazed. Not only the plain style began to get to me We can’t end here!