The Fender 25W Frontman 25R Guitar Combo has dual selectable channels” Normal and Drive”auxiliary input for CD or drum machine use, a headphone jack . The Frontman 25R ups the ante in practice amps with 25 watts and a 10″ speaker . Overall this amp is louder than the average practice amp but it still retains the. See reviews and prices for the Fender Frontman 25R, as used by Steve Lacy, joaquin aguiar and others.

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These amps doesn’t sound very good and not really intended to be killer tone machines either.

All user reviews for the Fender FM 25R

This is NOT a generic size case. Baffle and 10″ – 8 Ohm speaker out of a new fender frontman 25 red amplifier who’s cabinet was cracked beyond repair.

It is even an acceptable giging amp if your band has a substantial PA to mic through. Probably not great for a gig.

User reviews: Fender FM 25R – Audiofanzine

Even though the price is very low frontmwn sound from this thing just doesn’t make you want to play the guitar for hours. I have been playing the bass Fender custom P-Bass with a Jazz neck for about 15 years and decided to make the jump to electric guitar. Prior to this amp I have been using a little Kustom frontmqn, so I wanted something a little more powerful.

I just wanted a stripped down amp with great sound. But, the lead channel is full and articulate. It has a single speaker of 16 inches 25d sounds great with reverb. The reverb feature is great as well. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. For the dirty channel any less than a humbucker style guitar will just sound like trash. It’s a small solid-state practice amp, so it sounds like a small solid-state practice amp.

  CVHD 950 PDF

This is an older 90’s Mexican Assembled Amplifier.

About Fender Frontman 25R Not having the proper equipment to make great music can be but a memory. He had bought it from a music store not mentioning the price of the object and mailed me the amp.

This is a well built, good looking and attractive little unit with jet black metal grill infront of speakers and the black and white combinated bottons on top.

It was a few years ago i found a schematic.

The size is perfect Falante com timbre Fender, Reverb de mola sensacional. Shop the large inventory of guitars and Fender guitar amplifiers! Skip to main content. I like the placement of the knobs and switches. Fender could have put a distortion effect on this unit as well as they did with the higher end model.

Browse for the correct size and material from the various listed items to find what works for you. It seems like they’re skating by on name recognition and cosmetics. No more modelling amps for me. At the moment I cant think about the thing which I dont like about this super unit. I prefer the look of the black personally. I also noticed a lot of white noise hissing when I connected my effects pedal to this channel.


It has plenty of punch for your home and other small gigs. Nothing would make this amp sound like a raging Marshall 52r. Well, ah, it’s little, BUT, a great and powerfull Ampl, and the effects are very good, the drive and the reverb is awesome to creat clean riffs.

It’s great and loud, and it’s portable. Fronmtan my first amplifier, it is quite well made. Fender Princeton Reverb original issue, The clean of course sounds good. Guitarists are happy with the design and workmanship of these Fender Frontman 25R guitar amplifiers.

This is one of my favorite solid state practice amps and for small gigs. I recommend this amp to anyone that is a beginner, broke, or just needs a light, substantial, and portable amp for practice. The highly sensitive controlls with a Heavy Distortion and double channel playing which allows us play clean or with distortion.

Fender ‘wide panel tweed’ Deluxe Amp 5C3. Can be seen in the music video as well as being used [here] https: Unit vrontman been tested working and is guaranteed fully functional. You just get a nice red tolex job rather than the standard black tolex covering. And young talent take my advise if you are looking for your first amp this should be the one!