Fighting with the Quarterstaff By David Lindholm Chivalry Bookshelf ISBN: pp. “This book is a result of an interest that I have had for a. The short staff [ie. quarterstaff] or half pike, forest bill, partisan, or glaive, For the purposes of combat these weapons were interchangeable. Medieval Weapons; Quarterstaff; Quarterstaff Weapon Definition; Quarterstaff Weapon Fighting Techniques. QuarterStaff Weapon Images, History, Facts.

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In 19th century, the quarterstaff was increasingly made from bamboo which was introduced in England through India. It was recommended that when delivering a blow that at the end of it the back leg and foot should be compassed about so as to fall roughly into a line with the front foot and the point of fightibg weapon.

And so, it may be very effective against an opponent also armed with a wooden staff but may not be very effective if the enemy is armed with a sword or something made of iron which can easily cleave the wood and leave the wielder undefended.

To nominate someone else as a Quality Contributor, message the mods. Drawing from the historical record, Mr. Jim Judy rated it really liked it Aug 08, Impressed by the outcome, the Duke assured Peeke’s safety and eventual release, whereupon quarterataff he was treated as a lord and dignitary, becoming a minor celebrity, journeying even to the Spanish court in Madrid and refusing service to the king before returning home to England.

Stick fighting and the use of sticks in formal and informal fights was prevalent in England by the 15th century. Vij Books India Pvt Ltd. Views Read Edit View history. Which is almost exactly what he says about the staff.

witn All of these weapons in his manual shared postures, cuts, thrusts, and more importantly, the systemic concepts that Meyer had synthesized from earlier manuals. Serious On-Topic Comments Only: I have a brief discussion of the staff in history with some interesting notes on the situation in Germany and Ffighting, included are some interesting illustrations of the staff as seen and used in everyday life.


The spear tip would probably get in the way and unbalance the staff, and the staff quarferstaff have no point to use as a spear. Joseph Swetnamwriting indistinguishes between the “quarterstaff” of 7 or 8 feet 2. Christoph marked it as to-read Feb 05, Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. All of them typically had some sort of sword to back up their primary weapon.

He doesn’t seem to be aith alone on his rapier opinion though, at least as a battlefield weapon. This polearm “has advantage against all manner of weapons whatsoever. Info Favorites Register Log in. This book Surveying the whole of historical foghting, David Lindholm, a long-time martial arts instrutor and University lecturer, presents a practical guide for combat with the quarterstaff. Quarterstaff Weapon Fighting Techniques. James Galik rated it really liked it Oct 05, Lists with This Book.

Mark Woodland marked it as to-read Jul 28, Apply for Flair Upvote informative, well sourced answers Downvote and Report comments that are unhelpful or grossly off-topic The Rules, in Brief 1.

Combining spear and quarterstaff/stick fighting —

Are there any fighting styles I can research that are similar to what I’m looking for? Patrick rated it really liked it Sep 08, It soon came to be used extensively in gladiatorial prize-fighting in England. Robert marked it as quarterstafd Sep 28, The combat had numerous witnesses, as it was fought as part of Peeke’s trial in the presence of numerous Spanish dignitaries, including the Duke of Medina Sidonia, commander of the Spanish forces.

That’s quartertsaff, because various modern fictions movies and gaming seem to borrow the staff “as long as the wielder is tall” – borrowing from the Bo – and Silver’s staff is quartersfaff lot longer. The Spaniards took him up on the boast, removed the head of a halberd, and had him fight 3 sword-and-dagger-armed Spaniards simultaneously.

They have various clubs, primitive axes, but spears and staffs are favored because the land is heavily forested, and thus the cheapest, fignting plentiful, and also simple weapons to make. Corey marked it as to-read Jul wiht, Meyer, who wrote in the mid 16th century, is often argued as being removed from this tradition, although his manuscript quotes directly from Liechtenauer’s zettel.


So my problem is finding a way to effectively combine spear and staff fighting. To add on what he means by “perfect length”, in the Paradoxes of Defence he states that. In battle with proper warheads, these pole weapons were extremely dangerous. I have found some references to this type of combat for sport but not much for actual warfare.

History of Weapons in Medieval Times. Ever since then I have been in love with this weapon, and that is why I decided to write a book on the European staff fight. Punishments for murders were much more severe than for manslaughter, and since thrusting was far more dangerous to your opponent than a controlled cut, use of the thrust might argue that your intentions were murderous.

It is interesting though that he claims the halberd is only 5 or 6 feet long. Peeke defeated all 3, killing one of them in the process. There’s hardly any reason not to put a sharp point on a staff, assuming it’s for lethal combat.

Ann Tlusty, in her The Martial Ethic in Early Modern Germany however, makes a concrete case that swords and swordsmanship were far from useless in mid 16th century Germany, and Meyer’s prohibition of the thrust may have had more to do with demonstrating your desire to defend yourself, as opposed to just murdering someone in the street.


At the time of writing, armies mainly consisted of pike and shot, that is, pikemen and people with firearms. One just favors thrusting a little more while the other favors swinging.

In his dusack section, for instance, he states that the dusack is: BookDB marked it as to-read Oct 02, Retrieved from ” https: If we look at our own “real” world, you’re more likely to have several different fighting systems, each of which can use either the spear or staff. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Anyinzan Juarez added it Jan 07,