Book discussion of Feersum Endjinn (Iain M. Banks). Having read all the other sci -fi novels by Banks, I’d originally been put off this one since it. Some may come to Feersum Endjinn through the much admired writing of Banks as novelist Iain Banks. To those not even mildly conversant. Buy Feersum Endjinn by Iain M. Banks from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction.

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She leant forward, wondering if she ought to look inside the head, while whispers and rustles came from within. She pats me on thi noddil 2 – what is it wif reersum This one will have to sit and be turned over in the mental thought-bank for a while: She stood up and walked back to where her junior aide and research assistant were waiting, conversing quietly in the midst of the oxygen works’ constructive chaos and looking about occasionally with a kind of disparaging indulgence at the undignified physical clamour such mere technology required.

He crackled as he moved.

The societal structure is very well done. At one end of the vast C bitten from the castle a single great bastion-tower stood, almost intact, five kilometres high, and casting a kilometre-wide shadow across the rumpled ground in front of the convoy.

Your mind is busily filling in random details plucked from your memory to create a room with a volcano, and a room with lakes and rivers, hills and valleys. He felt oddly neutral, washed clean. The souls attached to the crypt are not just human either; some animal minds seem to be linked up directly.

The stream disappeared into a hole in feersuk side of a grassy slope; steps carried the path winding upwards.


Feersum Endjinn

The grey-black stones nearest the observatory looked like nothing more than giant pucks from some huge game of ice hockey. The wind was a never-ending edge within the air, a knife-wire sawing back and forth in Gadfium’s throat and lungs with each laboured, wheezing breath.

It had always been assumed that the redundant systems of both buried pipework and tower-mirrors were there to ensure that no roof-destroying thickness of ice could ever accrue on the plain, though the reason the roof had been left flat in the first place had never been determined. He did not see or hear what hit him from behind, just glimpsed a searing light and felt the concussive blast. I laugh; I was laughing, I am hungry. The physical structure of the Crypt has a large influence on the internal environment of the simulation world; Sessine a main character that dies for the last time in his first chapter has to actually dodge past big, writhing, tubey things before wondering off around the unreal globe.

Banks revealed in April that he had late-stage cancer. At least she appears to be house-trained. His Majesty King Adijine VI sat in the great solar, at one end of a mighty table too long to be used for enndjinn vocal discussion without amplification. There was no fatigue and no fear, just wonder and exhilaration. She knew it was something important, and that she had something important to do, but she could not quite work out what.

At any rate, this has been one of the more enjoyable sci-fi tales I’ve read in quite a while. For the privilege of being endjihn in this gelid hell risking his last life on a mission the point of which even he did not entirely understand, he had indulged in the sort of prolonged and strenuous string-pulling he normally quite thoroughly disapproved of.

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I rest my case. O deer Bascule, o deer.


Qitsualik-Tinsley, Rachel and Sean. And that becomes important because other three quarters of the book is made up of very serious persons. Peter Kenny is the incredibly talented narrator of most of Iain M.

This is a serious work of the imagination. Official video feersym – http: Want to help us defray the cost of domains, hosting, software, and postage? Gadfium gulped in the mask’s cold cargo of gas, filling her lungs to their depths. Now u wan get bak in yoor box? Gadfium looked warily round the small cabin.

Feersum Endjinn by Iain M. Banks

Juss bcoz it amyoused dem 2 do so. It was a lot less fun than being in somebody’s head. Thats thi trubl wif old persins; slo reactshins.

She knew she must accept this, but even so oscillated between a guilty pride in her privileged position and an intermittent frustration that she so often had to rely on others to furnish her with so many of the details her work required.

It’s only writing, mind. Just a few scattered pieces that contain sufficiently familiar elements for your mind to grab on to, like a good handhold on a cliff face. In the distance there was a castle. Light flash shaped He feesrum fine; handsome, tall, regal, impressively robed, the light crown sitting straight on his curly black locks, and by his expression paying due but not deferential attention to what the polar-bear emissary was saying.