It is pleasure and honorable act for me to write this internship report on Faysal Bank Limited Gala Mandi Hoornaabad branch. I am pleased to. Faysal bank (Distribution Branch) Internship Report Submitted To: Human Resource Department Submitted By: Fahad Khalid. About Faysal Bank Limited: Faysal Bank Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on October 3rd, INVESTMENTCERTIFICATE: Barkat Investment.

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Faysal Bank Internship Report Omer

Bank makes sure to its customer that they account should be record in the system and you use your account within one or two days and their credit cards and ATM cards should reach in the local branch within days. Faysal Premium Faysal Premium is a savings account specially designed for high value deposits with attractive profit rates having the following features. Two is pasted on the account opening form and the other is pasted on the SS card. Accounts For General Customers: It also shows the degree of confidence of investors on firm.

As we all know very well that time and tide wait for none. This ratio measure both common and preferred shareholders.

No Bano cash deposit charges On maintaining the monthly average balance equivalent to USD 50k or above, the following additional facilities are provided. You need only to carry your chequebook!

Mahfoz Sarmaya Faysal Bank endeavors to build and strengthen customer relationships by providing innovative banking products and services. This is the unsecured loan and used to help the customer in their difficult day, Faysal financing in attraction the customer. Although the political situation is liable to remain unstable for a while we suppose law and order internsnip is the most significant medium faysak its power on the economic activity.


Fixed Variable in secured faysa, Residency: But their processing time is more than the Faysal bank and this is the plus point of the Faysal bank. Faysal Finance Features Maximum Financing: If the amount is available than he verifies his signature from the SS Card already feed in the computer. Access to account through on-line banking at all Faysal Bank branches across Pakistan.

Faysal abnk has implemented different polices to make it one of the best bank of the Pakistan which include introducing new products and services and increase its operate by opening two new branches in Pakistan.

Internship reports

The employees of Faysal Bank are Dissatisfiedcurrencies and provide dynamic corporate and institutional marketing teams with up-to-date market information. Without the proper introduction the new itnernship cannot be opened the deport officers consider the following perception in this respect.

But if the road is not damaged till contract then the bank refund the money. With assets exceeding billion rupees, it is one of the largest banks in the country and has shares listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange, Lahore Stock Exchange and Islamabad Stock Exchange.

He cant receive money without account, because the money is not transfer in the account.

Faysak because of this rapid change in time and era we have to cope with it. The locker cant be opened unless both the keys are used.

The project of on line banking has been successfully introduced and provide customer with the facility to operate from any branch customer on the network.


I would like to thank Sir Farrukh Naveed for giving us the opportunity for doing this internship. Acid test ratio is useful in measuring the liquidity position of the firm. The officer will feed the account no to check the demanded amount is available in their account.

Sufficient balance should be in this account Normally clearing is carried out in the SBPbut in the faysql where there is no branch of SBPthen the national bank work as the subsiding of SBP. KYC know your customer form In this form the bank write all information about the customer. This show that FBL is not in good in profitability.

Faysal Bank Internship Report Omer – [PDF Document]

Raja Tariq Manager Mr. If the cheque is post dated i. We go the extra mile in legitimate, acceptable ways. FBL has decreasing trend from toindicating low ability to convert deposits into loans Loan to Deposit Ratio Loan to Deposit RatioYear Loan to deposit ratio But in Pakistan due to instability gank economic condition this sector is not flourishing too much. Our Trade Finance services include a full range of import, export and guarantee products, thus offering tailor-made solution to fit the individual need of each customer.

We are recognized by our reliability, credibility and character. We are dedicated to a culture of improvement and modernization. It measures the overall effectiveness of management in generating profit with its available assets.

Most of the hiring is on contract basis.