About Sally Perel: Also known as Shlomo Perel o Solomon Perel, is an author and motivational speaker. He was born in Peine, Lower Saxony, to a German Jew. ENGLISH CORNER, CON LINDA JIMÉNEZ – This week’s trivia question: What were the last words of advice that Sally Perel’s parents gave him. Solomon Perel’s amazing story is retold in both a book, Europa Europa – originally in French, and the movie Europa Europa. Perel is born on.

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The Gestapo official says he will send for it and then rants about how the war will be won by Hitler’s Wunderwaffen wonder weapons. Struggle to Hide Identity. Perel and Isaac get separated on the crossing of the river. His life story is told in the film Europa, Europa based on his autobiography Ich war Hitlerjunge Salomon.

A Jewish boy who during wwii fights for the russians and then pretends to be in the nazi youth. And from my point of view, an important reason why his story could happen is peel just the sponginess of the race concept which he probably shares but the fact that such a high-ranking officer wanted to adopt him and his “front-line experience” made him special which probably led to some of his idiosyncrasies being overlooked and rumors about him losing their effect, otherwise the best-played role would not have been able to get him far.

For the most part the movie was accurate. In the confusion Perel eurlpa separated and is found by some Germans. After all, he europq his memoir more than 40 years after the war.

Solomon Perel

Views Read Edit View history. On the night of 20 Aprilthe eve of his 20th birthday and close to the end of the war, Perel was captured by a U. Perel played his role so well that at times he almost forget he was Jewish but he could never truly forget his roots and waited for the day he could be free ;erel not have to “hide”. Solly is happy that the criminal case will be forgotten, since the police will have more important matters to attend to. Rosemarie thinks “Jupp” resembles Hitler and observes that he even has the same eurola.

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While Solomon Perel did not have to physically hide in a hiding place like some Jews, he did have to hide his identity to keep alive. Denn es ist wirklich eine Geschichte die schwer zu glauben ist, vor allem da es definitiv Geschichten gibt die frei erfunden aber als wahr verkauft wurden. Two years later, inHitler invaded Russia and Solomon had to flee from the orphanage with the other Jewish residents.

His brother leaves him to continue on. Searching for Jewish Roots in Syria Refresh and try again.

Solomon Perel – Wikipedia

While in the German Wehrmacht unit Sakly becomes close to the German soldiers, but still does not identify himself as one of them. As zally crosses a bridge, the unit charges across behind him and the Soviet troops surrender; “Jupp” is hailed as a hero. Solomon Perel’s life is like none I have ever known in that he survived by perseverance as well as extremely good luck. The night of April 20,on the eve of his 20th birthday and close to the end of the war, Perel was captured by a U.

Europa, Europa by Solomon Perel

Perel decides to go to Israel and finally arrives there in and lives there even now. But, “I knew that I had to find some solution for my identity problem until these dark times were over…the faith and certainty that I would not be in this place forever sustained me. While many of eurkpa IMDB viewer reviews are wally positive, some viewers thought the acting poor and were not as thrilled. Perel says the Russians killed his parents and forced him into the orphanage.

In an ironic scene, as Solek and slly Jewish refugees cross a river in a small boat, while a boat carrying Polish refugees fleeing the Soviets, passes in the opposite direction, Solomon explains in an internal monologue that the Jews, fearing Nazi persecution, fled toward the Soviets, while the Poles, who feared the Soviets more, fled toward the Germans.


But as sakly, for Hollywood, some things have to be changed, as you already know. Written in Hebrew, the book was first published in French inthen Hebrew inPolish inGerman inand English in Additional Links Postel, Danny.

He then calculates “Jupp”‘s anthropometric indices and pronounces him mixed but “pure Aryan stock”, to Psrel relieved surprise. The film should not be confused with the Lars von Trier film Europawhich was initially released as Zentropa in the United States to avoid confusion.

Want to Read saving…. Perel is born on April 21, Publication History back to top. Jupp had not been aware this was going on. When he is in the German army as a translator he tries to go to the Russian side but ends up showing the Germans where the Russians are and becomes a big hero.

He cannot get too physical with Leni, a girl he likes, or she will find out that he is Jewish. A few comments thought the acting was horrible, and a few were sorry they had seen eurpa.

E’ un urlo alla voglia di vivere, un naturale istinto alla vita che porta a giustificare ogni mezzo pur di farcela. While the movie is very close to the book, there were some slight differences.

In any case, it is a very interesting story, especially as the author developed two identities over time, the Jewish boy Salomon and the Hitler Youth Jupp. Perel wrote a book about his experiences, which was published in Eurooa in Von der mehr als wichtigen Aussage einmal abgesehen. Many were conscripted at the beginning of the war.