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Chi can be felt quite easily as it is fairly close to physical substance.

A very subtle envelope of etan is created through this process which is able to interact with the physical brain as well as the astral forces.

They will likely take on negative energy from other people and the environment and may have trouble differentiating between their emotions and the emotions of others All of these problems are associated with a lack of will which is this chakra’s main attribute.

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The samskaras formed will depend on the original astral body as well as the environment the child grows up in. When it does not feel these things from its environment you will clearly see the pain and grief that the baby feels.

If it was not blocked the forces from below would ascend through the body and out the top of the head and the forces from above would descend through the Crown and into ethna body. When these are all gone it will lead to weakness, disease and eventually death. At the beginning of spiritual work the ego structure must be dismantled. These emotional scars are the roots of all mental and emotional conditioning and form the basis of the earthly ego.

As children we are very in touch with the sex chakra and are in fact very sensual beings.

Metaphysics – Ethan Volroy

The organs all have an energetic reservoir which holds and supports them. Unfortunately most people have many samskaras and energetic blockages in this area and the fullness that should be felt in the Tan Tien is absent. The reason for this is that by efhan away to meditate, many aspects of the subconscious may remain hidden as the life circumstances that would have provoked them into consciousness are absent and so they may never be cleared and resolved.


Borly death the astral body leaves the physical and etheric bodies and begins to rise into higher dimensions. This differentiation into individual Spirits is the birth of Creator’s.

Very minimal wear and tear. The human being collects astral substance from these so called gods on the way through the lower dimensions vprly Astral Substance before incarnation. The Meditation Solution Audio Technology.

Your mental and emotional aspects are situated in the astral body so any unbalance here will also show up in your psychology. The 3rd is where we are now and is quite a dense dimension with a low vibration.

From a Metaphysical viewpoint the physical world that we see before us is the third dimension. Add to watch list. The main difference is that humans and animals have their own astral body whereas plants receive astral forces from fairies and other beings as well as the astral fields vory the planet.

This was vorlg first heartbreak and it was extremely painful to say the least.

The Meditation Solution

The item you’ve selected wasn’t added to your cart. The human as well as the Universe is far more complex than scientists would have you believe. All humans have this heartbreak and resentment towards God deep within their subconscious. At this time the higher light of the baby is reflected through the chitta and so the consciousness is very virly.

In between lives the Chakra’s are spinning freely, allowing for the various aspects of consciousness to enter and come together in the Light body. The 9 physical dimensions previously described are places made up of Conscious forces and Material forces. Get the item you ordered or get your money back. It was not a trial and error science but one of feeling the essence of a plant and knowing what it may be used for. This state is often referred to as The Void, as it has no form and no movement, just perfect balance.

The 1st dimension is the lowest of the 9 physical dimensions and is where physical substance is at gorly densest. Email to friends Share on Facebook – opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter – opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest – opens in a new window or tab.

The remedy is to now sedate them and disconnect them from their energetic and physical bodies with anti-depressant, anti-psychotic or anti anxiety drugs. These vortexes are the Chakra’s and each one is a gateway to a certain aspect of higher consciousness.


This structure can be very complicated and its purpose is to keep emotional pain under the surface. You may have also incarnated in other bodies, other physical dimensions and on other planets at the same time. You know who and what you are and are at one with the universe.

Of course before energetic and emotional blockages have been cleared it is not quite that simple. This is called a samskara and it can last a very long time if nothing is done about it. On other planets and dimensions where beings are in contact with their heart chakras with no obstruction there is no such thing as negativity. If the structure has gaps or is weak then it is a good idea to take control of your Aura and learn to seal it.

This is one of the characteristics of your lightbody and higher consciousness. This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking.

They are located within the light body and their purpose is to create a gateway into higher or lower dimensions of consciousness. As the Chakra’s incarnate through the Astral body which in turn incarnates through the etheric, both of these bodies are affected by them. The material in these lowest dimensions is in a state of fertile chaos and is yet to be formed into physicality. They can be very powerful so be ready if you dislodge some old emotions that need to be cleared This will lead to various physical symptoms related to the meridians and their flow.

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Past Life Regression

The difference is that the samskaras in the astral body are caused by intense emotions and tend to be much larger. These lower dimensions contain the Material forces that are used to create the physical dimensions.

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