Abstract. CASTELLANOS, Rafael Gustavo; BARRIOS PERALTA, Elkin; SUAREZ, Jorge and NARINO, Daniel. Focus on adult status epilepticus: Considerations. In adults with convulsive status epilepticus, intramuscular midazolam, Collins JF, Point P. Treatment of status epilepticus if first drug fails. Epilepsia. In elderly patients, refractory status epilepticus (RSE) may lead to death in over to prolonged seizures and status epilepticus. Epilepsia. ;S59–

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Intramuscular midazolam vs intravenous diazepam for acute seizures. Open in a separate window.


Hence a hypnotic agent may not be required for intubation. Pediatric Status Epilepticus SE is an emergency situation with high morbidity and mortality that requires early and aggressive management. Lancet Neurol ; An incidence of 6. You Rmoney this is nothing to do with money, business and success. Two of the class III IM or intranasal midazolam studies reported significant respiratory depression 36—39434546 Cada grupo se divide en focal y generalizado. A dramatic drop in serum levels of AEDs due to noncompliance or other reasons is the most common mechanism of SE in such instances.

Revisión del estado epiléptico convulsivo pediátrico y su manejo antiepiléptico

The maintenance dose is 0. Epoleptico descriptivo retrospectivo a traves de estatus epileptico pediatria revision de historias clinicas de pacientes ingresados en nuestro hospital entre con diagnostico de EE. Neuromuscular blockade will be required to facilitate intubation if the patient continues to estxtus tonic—clonic seizure activity despite these pharmacologic interventions.

As epilfptico are not breathing during a generalized tonic—clinic seizure, they are not at high risk for aspiration until the event ends. An approach to therapy in this difficult clinical situation.


Status epilepticus in adults. This property results in its rapid uptake and elimination from the CNS, thereby giving it rapid onset of action and allowing rapid recovery upon discontinuation. Curr Opin Pediatr ; Midazolam is typically started after securing endotracheal intubation and ventilator assistance.

In adolescent baboons, brain damage can be observed after 90 minutes of sustained seizures, with the neocortex, thalamus, and hippocampus most affected.

Those patients who have failed to respond to two of the first-line drugs lorazepam and fosphenytoin in estxtus instances need to be managed as RSE. All languages were included. Only one study found a significantly shorter time to seizure cessation for buccal midazolam compared with rectal diazepam All works go through a rigorous selection process. Retrospective descriptive fpileptico based on the review of medical histories of patients admitted to our hospital from to with a diagnosis of SE.

Usefulness of clinical features in selecting patients for urgent EEG. SE stops within 10 min in most situations. Esstatus antiseizure activity of phenytoin is complex; however, its major action appears to the blocking of voltage-sensitive, use-dependent sodium channels. The guideline is intended for use by individual clinicians, hospitals, health authorities, and providers.

Psychogenic SE must be differentiated from true SE.

Most common treatment-emergent adverse events were decreased level of consciousness IM midazolam, 9. About a third of patients with SE may have persistent seizures refractory to the first-line medications. In this study, patients were randomized to receive IV diazepam 5 mglorazepam 2 mgor placebo. IV fosphenytoin a prodrug of phenytoin without the propylene glycol carrier is the best second-line therapy in SE. Springer New York, The rate of respiratory depression in patients with status epilepticus treated with benzodiazepines is lower than in patients with status epilepticus treated with placebo level Aindicating that respiratory problems are an important consequence of untreated status epilepticus.


The GABA-A agonist diazepam is less effective in ameliorating SE when administered after perforant epilpetico stimulation than when administered before. Continuous EEG monitoring can be helpful in such instances. Treatment success was defined as status epilepticus stopping within 20 minutes after infusion started with no recurrence prior to 60 minutes after the start of the infusion.

It has fewer adverse effects than phenytoin. Patients with refractory status epilepticus RSE have high morbidity and mortality rates, Estado epileptico refractario en ninos: Lancet Neurol ; 5: TreimanMD Classification of status epilepticus Semiologically and electrophysiologically there are several types of seizures; these have been broadly classified as either generalized or partial seizures by the International League Against Epilepsy. Such patients would require admission to an intensive care unit for close monitoring and more aggressive treatment under assisted ventilation.

Epilepsy Behav ; 14 2: What is the evidence to use new intravenous AEDs in status epilepticus? This guideline focuses on convulsive status epilepticus because it is both the most common type of status epilepticus and is associated with substantial morbidity and mortality.

However, two major modifications to the scoring system were made owing to the ethical and logistic difficulties in conducting convulsive status epilepticus trials:.