Pantera XV-plus – Vision system for component inspection. ○ Optical The Pantera X-plus can be programmed o -line or on-line. Essemtec Switzerland. Essemtec announces that its PANTERA-XV SMD Placement Machine features an ideal price/performance ratio for SMEs (Small and Medium. Aesch, Switzerland — Essemtec is showing an entire production line of equipment — the PANTERA-XV placer, Cobra 8C placer, Paraquda 4C pick-and- place.

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Click to view tips. The “Reply to this post” doesn’t work I do not receive your emails. Your money is not insured and will not be refunded. So you can contact me directly at this email address Dubravka88Miljkovic gmail. Be especially suspicious and careful with any transactions that involve a person located overseas; they are usually scammers.

Click here to email FactoryEquipment. Please do not forget to email me the link from the ad, as I essemtec a lot of things for sale.

ESSEMTEC Pantera X for sale (used, price) #, > buy from CAE

The automatic identification offered by the feeders ensures that they are recognised by the system with minimum operator intervention, so changeover time is minimised, and quality guaranteed. Avoid deals that seem “too good to be true” Stryker System 7 Five Hand-piece set. Sonus Faber Elipsa Speakers Set.


EE71 at National Electronics Week. Zcorp 3D Printer Zprinter Like traditional classified ads, transactions on Eszemtec. Products range from PCB assembly, automatic optical and x-ray inspection, reflow solder, screen printing, precision liquid dispensing, cable preparation, robotic soldering and robotic assembly as well as cleaning systems.

-> ESSEMTEC: SMT Production Solutions

So you can contact me directly at this email address Dubravka88Miljkovic gmail. The Swiss-made Pantera is a flexible system with high feeder capacity designed for high mix, low volume, production. The bottom-up vision examines all QFPs and BGAs before placement, measuring and checking component inter-connections and dimensions. The application range is large, and placement is both fast and reliable. Click images for larger view.

Bugari Gold Plus Accordion. Bringing the resources together for a more efficient factory. You want to buy this?

The application range is large, and placement is pntera-xv fast and reliable. Pantera-XV has three optical systems: Your money is not insured and will not be refunded.

Search Free Exsemtec Advanced Search. Using the downward looking camera, the Pantera-XV will detect and automatically reject any images which have been marked as being bad.

For supplier companies who want to offer their customers comprehensive 24 hour online product ordering facilities, Netalogue b2b web catalogue and ordering plug-ins link instantly to any existing web page and are easily maintained via any standard product or component database.


Production automation system specialist, Contax Ltd, is launching the new Essemtec Pantera-XV placement machine on its stands: Bernina E Sewing Embroidery Machine. Combined, these optical features ensure fast and precise component placement. Other features include a large feeder capacity of x 8 mm feeders, with intelligent feeders handling tape and sticks from 8 to 56 mm.

Search Free Classifieds Advanced Search. Additional features include CAD conversion for the fastest programming off-line; alternatively, the use of virtual components wssemtec programming and indicates placement progress during product assembly. Liebert Emerson DCP water-based pumping unit. Click to view tips. The large feeder capacity and automatic identification of the intelligent feeders minimize changeover time and guarantee quality.

You want to buy this? All tape feeders are electrically driven and feeding pitch is programmable. All tape feeders are electrically driven and feeding pitch is programmable. The tape feeders essejtec electrically driven and the component feeding pitch is programmable. The machine offers ideal combinations of speed, accuracy and wide application range.