Ensoniq EPS PLUS Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Ensoniq EPS PLUS Musician’s Manual, Service Manual. View and Download ENSONIQ EPS PLUS musician’s manual online. ENSONIQ EPS PLUS Digital Sampling Workstation Module. EPS PLUS. View and Download ENSONIQ EPS 16 Plus service manual online. EPS 16 Plus Musical Instrument pdf manual download.

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This manual is a. Data Entry Controls Page 53 Wavesample dumps. Display Self-test Mode EPS PLUS memory more quickly, since you are generating more numbers per second that have to be stored in that memory.

Ensoniq Corporation – EPS Plus – Service Manual

Selecting Wavesamples For Editing This command automatically corrects the mannual of a track. Appendix – Eps Plus Midi Implementation The default and manual values are the same as in the cross fade.

Page 34 If you tell the EPS PLUS to load an instrument into a location which already has an instrument loaded red LEDthe new instrument will be loaded into that location and the one that was there will be automatically deleted.


See Section 1 — Getting Started for more details. Power Supply Measurements Page This page intentionally left blank. Page 46 Adjusts the overall master tuning of the keyboard up or down as much as one semitone.

This is maanual when special effects are used for only one or a few samples. What Is A Song Tutorial – Keyboard Crossfade The chart below shows the relationship between type of pressure Format Floppy Disk Output Expander oex-6 Test Page Channel pressure or Mono pressure which affects all notes that are playing when you exert pressure on any key.

When this modulator is selected, either pressure or velocity will affect manuak level which is being modulated. What Is Sampling This allows you to record several different tracks, all with the same instrument and MIDI configuration, then merge them into one.

The problem with using a high sampling threshold is that you can sometimes chop off low-level information at the beginning of the sound below the thresholdmaking it sound clipped and unnatural. This makes it easy to update all your O. Whether you’re an aspiring programmer looking for additional information about basic sampling techniques and MIDI maual, or a professional sound designer working with manuql applications, you may want more detailed information that is beyond the scope of this manual.


To access these parameters press Edit, then Layer.


This screen is where you select a sequence or the song. How fnsoniq use drum loops, and make them match your sequencer tempo exactly Loading An Instrument Resample With Effects Page 4 Friday 9: Make sure it is ON. Its effect will be the same as that of the mod wheel.