Ensayo sobre la ceguera (Spanish Edition) [Jose Saramago] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Saramago, un escritor que se ha convertido . Saramago, un escritor que se ha convertido en la conciencia lúcida de una época cegada por los mecanismos del poder, lanza una llamada. Title: Tesis sobre Ensayo sobre la ceguera, de José Saramago, Author: Staffcom Oaxaca, Name: Tesis sobre Ensayo sobre la ceguera, de José Saramago.

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There’s no need, please don’t bother, he said, I’m fine, and as he slowly began closing the door, he repeated, There’s no need, there’s no need. I have a hard time believing this would even happen. I do not see the point of this at all.

A blind woman, a character who appeared out of nowhere, who happened to have a lighter with her, set the barricades on fire. Redeemed by a few searing and tragic images, but not much else to recommend here. View all 9 comments.

I prefer a different type of doomsday novel. I understand that the author is trying to say something about the nature of people when stricken with “the blindness of fear”, etc.

The narrator also likes to comment on why he might know or not know certain facts. There is also more shitting, walking barefoot through shit, crawling in shit, etc. His work recalls Garcia Marquez for its epic reach The first thing the fiction Ouch. For those of you that enjoy analyzing literature, I’m sure there is plenty to discuss here.

This of course causes the blind people crammed all around her to take notice. View all 11 comments. There is no character development, no insights in the human nature, no hearts and minds in wording, no examining of values in I cannot begin to say how much I hate his book.


Ensayo sobre la ceguera

View all 60 comments. But it does get tiresome to read page after page after page of never-ending text in one solid block. And even then Saramago doesn’t go the whole way in showcasing human debasement.

They won’t even provide basic first aid supplies or communicate with victims, though I doubt diseases can be passed over the phone. I am going to tell you what I think this book is about, that is to say, what is its message.

Ensayo sobre la ceguera by José Saramago (2 star ratings)

I find the way that the blind are represented in this book to be horrible, and believe that if any other class or group of people such as blacks, asians, muslims, jews, autistics, deafs, etc had been represented the same way blind people were represented, the book would never has been so highly reviewed by so many.

It feels as though Jose Saramago conceived of Blindness and began writing it in a straight-forward way with only a few postmodern quirks – like naming none of his characters. Apparently all it takes to win a Nobel Prize is not using punctuation and hammering home enayo metaphors with all the subtly of a rusty crowbar to the face.

I knew he was known for, as Wikipedia currently puts it, “many long, breathless sentences in which commas take the place of periods. They are going to use this robbery as a leaping-off point for the story’s apex.

Let’s be glad of our good fortune at still having a pair of hose eyes with us here, the last pair left, if they are extinguished saramagl day, I don’t even want to think about it, then the thread which links us to that human mankind would be broken. Doc’s Wife led her husband and her new “family” — The girl with dark glasses, the boy with squint, the man with eyepatch to her old flat.


How about going blind and seeing everything “whit” instead all the “black” around us? There was really no redeeming value of this treatise and one is mentally, physically, and emotionally bombarded with all the baser elements of ma Well what to say about this one? This is an apocalyptic tale. And as he’s not a talented philosopher, his novel might have been better served by cutting away most of the rape scenes, restoring everyone’s eyes quicker and setting the characters to the adventurous task of rebuilding their society – quietly – in the book’s final third.

Ensayo sobre la ceguera / Blindness by Jose Saramago | : Books

After reading the first few pages that follow the exile from the ward or is it liberation? She is, remember, the only person in the entire place who can still see, and none of her captives know this.

This makes me think of Coelho and the hype surrounding him. I’m sorry because I think a few of my wonderful GoodReads buddies really enjoyed cegurea one, and I am happy that they did. This book is terribly exhausting to read, and if you have trouble keeping your place when reading or have trouble reading long paragraphs, spare yourself the spoons and don’t read this book.