Enemy Mine–The Nebula and Hugo Award winner that inspired the 20th Century Fox motion picture starring Dennis Quaid and Lou Gossett, Jr. The story of a. Sweeping the major American novella awards, Barry B. Longyear’s Enemy Mine certainly caught the genre’s eye when it was published in. Author Barry Longyear reported at a convention that the studio insisted on According to this thread on the Enemy Mine discussion board.

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Enemy Mine (novella)

Trivia About Enemy Mine. Sign up using Longyeear and Password. I have read the original award-winning novella as presented in the book The Super Hugosnot the adaptation from the screenplay adapted from the novella, and it’s even more beautiful and powerful than the movie, perhaps. It was a great story of breaking prejudices, though. Longyear’s local inspiration here is certainly Gene L.

Esta novela sigue siendo tan a Maravillosa historia, nada menos que eso se puede decir de esta novela corta. A quick engaging read about two eemy enemy fighter pilots in space who learn what humanity looks like as they strive to understand the other. Front page About this site My Weblog.

Mar 25, Sable rated it it was amazing. Style largely direct and open, a lot more could have been accomplished were the individual scenes to have been fleshed out with little details to enhance character.

I really enjoyed reading this as I am a fan of the film, and liked the insight the book gave on both characters from Davidage to the Drac he named Jerry and how they were first enemies to surviving together in the situation they were in. Using the same pronoun we use for toasters and jelly beans to refer to a living, intelligent creature is not okay and the fact that Longyear uses it all the way through to the end kinda pisses me off.


I read the original page version. Clarke; “Sandkings” novelette by George R.

Open Preview See a Problem? After the gap caused by his hospital experience, Longyear returned to active work with a sharp Dystopia about OverpopulationSea of Glasstold from the viewpoint of a child whose birth was illegal bafry who is allowed to survive by the governing Computer which struggles coldly to deal with the huge excess of humans on the planet by creating an artificial War.

Enemy Minetherefore, does exactly what a great science-fiction story should do: I’m not one who likes to read books which came to be movies, but this has been an exception and I’m glad I read it.

mien Although all in all I was happy with the book and liked they way it ended. Want to Read saving…. I happened to have watched the movie first, but I loved the book. If you’ve seen the movie, you do not know the real story, you have not read the book.

It shows the reader through the main char We should teach this in schools. The plot is not new and will never grow old: Return to Eneemy Page.

To ask other readers questions about Enemy Mineplease sign up. Towering tidal waves, scarce food, and little wood for making fire, the harsh living conditions quickly force the two to cooperate or die.

Sign up using Facebook. At the same time, the alert clarity and genre cunning of Longyear’s best work seem potentially available to him, and may surface again. Aug 23, Felipe Guerrero rated it it longyer amazing. They learn each other’s language, rather entertainingly, and longyer cultures. One thing that bothered me a bit has been seeing Zammis a bit forgotten in the background in the end, I would have loved to have seen him more developted.

Jan 22, Sarah rated it it was amazing. The two are returned to their respective home civilisations, but Davidge has learnt too much respect for the Drac culture to fit in back home; he journeys to the Drac planet to rescue the child, Zammis, and they settle down together building a community for inter-species understanding on the planet where Davidge first met Jeriga Shigan and where Zammis was born.


Teens and even tweens would probably appreciate it, too. Click here to see the rest of this review.

Enemy Mine (novella) – Wikipedia

Damn, it made me cry few times and so far it’s been the only book to make me do so, haha. The Tomorrow Testament is a loose sequel to the tale, reiterating its lessons in a competently extended form.

Legion 4, 19 Instead, Davidge and Zammis attempt to build a bridge between their two peoples—dragging both, kicking and screaming, towards mutual respect. You believe in the characters and the ever strengthenin just finished Barry Longyear’s Enemy Mine. The ending also takes things farther, with them becoming in-effect family. With a human and a Drac soldier stranded together on an inhospitable world in the middle of a war, they must work together to survive.

Based on, not flat out remade from. If i could have had it my way I would have wished for more chapters on that. Coon’s Star Trek episode “Arena”which lognyear inspired by Frederic Brown’s short story with the same title, but replaced Brown’s spherical alien with a reptilian Gorn. McIntyre, Dreamsnake George Mann ed. For those who like this genre? Emotional resonance exists at turns, but it is not replete—an important factor in a story built enemmy characters.