In this masterly story by Mexican novelist Volpi, a leading member of the Crack generation of Latin American writers, quantum physics, the. Contributed by Prof. Dr. José M. Pacheco. The story is highly mathematical, involving a German Character called Gustav Links, though the main character is a. Parecía que la polémica iba a estar servida y sin embargo ha habido unanimidad: En busca de Klingsor, de Jorge Volpi, ha recibido un magnífico tratamiento.

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Podnaslov ove knjige mogao bi biti: View all 4 comments. Jul 04, Kllingsor rated it liked it. Apr 29, Alfonso Zendejas rated it really liked it.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. So too are some of the buscca events of the second war, notably the Von Stauffenberg bomb plot to assassinate Hitler and its aftermath.

The structure of the novel is complicated and clunky, switching repeatedly between themes, characters and historical periods.

Lists with This Book. Una responsabilidad en muchos sentidos Bohr dice unas cosas, Heisenberg dijo otras. Pacheco The story is highly mathematical, involving a German Character called Gustav Links, though the main character is a young American physicist called Francis Bacon sounds good.

An Eternal Golden Braid” the main source of the mathematical ideas of Volpi at least for this bookthere are some slips, that I would consider as minor except for the narrator is a mathematician! This is when we meet our narrator, Professor Gustav Links, which has the task of helping Bacon to discover the identity of Klingsor code name of Hitler’s scientific adviser from a wide range of German scientists who participated in the atomic project.


This is my first book to read in this year, and I should say that I started with the right choice. Yo creo que esa incertidumbre y esa complejidad es la complejidad del mundo.

En busca de Klingsor by Jorge Volpi

Manages to be educational and thought-provoking and at kljngsor same time exhilarating. En busca de Klingsor translated into English as In Search of Klingsor is very readable and has many interesting aspects. The characters — with the possible exception of the touchy, libidinous Bacon — do not really come alive.

The writer invites you to an unexpected journey with gold results. Its characters are Surrounding inside of informative stories and unexpected turns its own end was very shocking. Jorge Klingsoe Las respuestas absolutas siempre son mentiras. Es un encuentro del que no se tienen muchos datos.

MathFiction: En busca de Klingsor (In Search of Klingsor) (Jorge Volpi)

The ambiguous ending again may not be for people liking cookie Very interesting kingsor about scientists and their ethical and social responsibilities. The ambiguous ending again may not be for people liking cookie cutter endings with everything explained, but so what Non esiste in ebook.


Quotes from En busca de Klingsor. La novela, por un lado, y la novela corta, por otro. Como otras novelas ganadoras del Premio Biblioteca Breve, esperamos que dure en el tiempo.

Even some hints about plot are given too early, spoiling some chapters. Nov 15, Antonio Rubio Reyes rated it liked it.

La novela se puede leer en varios niveles. If Volpi had found a way to conclude the story after the second part I ilingsor little doubt this would be one of my reads of the year.

Premio Biblioteca Breve It’s undeniable that Jorge Volpi manages brillantly his fictional story in one of the most important episodes of contemporany era. Apr 29, Alexandra Carvallo rated it it was amazing.

En Busca de Klingsor

La novela parte de un supuesto interesante: El autor muestra un dominio poco comun de las matematicas y fisica modernas ,aunque algunas explicaciones posiblemente no le lleguen al lector comun y corriente. Y luego ya este libro.

Historias entrelazadas y datos curiosos muy interesantes. La teoria de conjuntos infinitos de Cantor no esta bien dicha.