Hi can i print B&W with the enlarger Durst M color head? You just need to set the colour filters depending on your paper – Ilford papers. Yes, very much so. I do/did all my prints on this one. The colour mixing head ‘ scatters’ the light nicely which has the added side-effect of making. I have six enlargers in my darkroom for the printing courses I teach. Durst M Color and Durst M BW enlargers were widely sold in the UK so there should.

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Durst M670 Darkroom Colour Enlarger Extras

Find all posts by photomi7ch. Containers and Bottles You will need some small containers for holding working strength film chemicals. If you can afford it and durat are pleased with it, ignore the nay sayers.

Here are some ideas for setting one up and the equipment that you need. Find all posts by EdmundH.

Durst M Colour Photographic Enlarger With Power Supply | eBay

Both of these can print negatives up to 5 x 4 inches. If you find a used enlarger there is a good chance there will be a lens sold with it.

If you have a good lens on your camera and want to make good dursh, buy a good quality enlarging lens! There are another 4 small red safelights to give low illumination to otherwise dark areas in the darkroom. Tongs are a good idea to avoid putting your fingers in chemicals.

Upcoming Events No Events see all events A clock, timer or stopwatch is used to achieve accurate timing for film processing. Lift off each coin as the time comes around. An item that has been previously used. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab.


Michita 12 years ago. I have used thermometers from hardware stores and garden centres dursr well as ones designed for use in darkrooms. The for instance is much more robust and has a metal rack. This is no big deal, just use grade 3 where you used 2 etc. You will use the color head in place of filters.

I must have done something wrong Durst M Colour. Sellers set the item’s declared value and must comply with customs declaration laws. New enlargers are usually supplied without a lens. The only down-side is that you will need to print on a higher contrast grade of paper than with a condenser, as diffusers are softer by default. I also have 2 DeVere enlargers, a Varicontrast one with a built-in Multigrade head and a Varicon black and white one with condenser lenses and a drawer for Multigrade filters.

If dust are buying used it is as well to check the wear on the elevating column on any enlarger as well as the alignment of the head by using a spirit level.

I need to use multigrade paper o no? When switching to a diffuse lighting I was surprised how clean my prints can djrst – had much less problems with dust. See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab Enlarger You will need an enlarger if you want to make prints larger than the size of your negatives!

Split grade printing the Ilford way using Ilford Multigrade under the lens filters This tutorial explains how to use Ilford Multigrade under the lens filters for split grade printing the Ilford way. Just wash off your hands with running water to remove any darkroom oclor.


Add to Watch list. Clock or Process Timer A clock, timer or stopwatch is used to achieve accurate timing for film processing. This is another useful side-effect k670 those of use who regularly push film, but are not necessarily looking for the grain effect as such.

Filters To change the contrast of the paper to match your negative and to give your prints the contrast that you want, you will need a set of filters.

Ilford photographic papers can be exposed to quite high levels of safelight without fogging them. Transformer for Durst M colour.

Durst M Darkroom Colour Enlarger Extras | eBay

Dec 21, 7. I suggest you buy a one litre size rigid plastic graduated measuring cylinder for making up your print chemicals and a smaller half litre one for making up film chemicals. Add to Watch list Add to wish list.

You need to adjust the magnifier for your eyesight before you use it for the first duret then it takes just a few seconds to focus each negative before you start printing.

Durst M670 Colour Photographic Enlarger With Power Supply

These are both good reliable enlargers. Buyers may be subject to additional charges for customs clearance. A timer is useful for turning the enlarger on and off but is not essential, you can just turn the power on and durzt at the wall. What fun it has been to chat about the ‘old’ methods over the internet, rather than pixels and Photoshop for a change.