Drymaria cordata (Linn.) Willd (Caryophyllaceae) is an herbaceous plant widely used in traditional African medicine (TAM) for the treatment of. Drymaria is a genus of plants in the Caryophyllaceae. It contains many species including these from northeastern Mexico: Drymaria coahuilana · Drymaria lyropetala · Drymaria pattersonii · Drymaria pratheri · Drymaria cordata, Sticky weed, also known as Tropical Chickweed; Drymaria. Country or region name, Thailand. Organism group, plant. Order name, Caryophyllales. Family name, Caryophyllaceae. Species name, Drymaria cordata.

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Close-up dryaria the small flowers Photograph by: Seeds are small and can be dispersed by wind and by water. Phytochemical screening Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the aqueous whole plant extract of D.

Willd Caryophyllaceae is an herbaceous plant widely used in traditional African medicine TAM for the treatment of diverse ailments including painful and febrile conditions. Equipment and vehicles driven through infested areas can also disperse seeds and plant fragments Holm et al.

If you would like to support this site, please consider Donating. After confirmation of hyperthermia in the experimental animals 30 min. Hi there This weed has totally invaded my lawn and I am desperate to get rid of it. Livestock can move seeds from one area to another attached to hair.

Branches arising from base, rooting at nodes, slender, elongate. The methanol extract of Drymaria cordat a Willd, was investigated for its effect on a cough model induced by sulfur dioxide gas in mice.


Anti-inflammatory and immuno-suppressant drugs; pp.

The corolla is formed of five white petals, deeply lobed but shorter than the sepals, they measure 1. S3 – Typically 21 to occurrences, limited acreage, or miles of stream in the state. United States National Institutes for Health publication; The low mat of growth makes a good ground cover Photograph by: The intended name can then be chosen from any of those lists.

Drymaria Cordata, Tropical Chickweed

Best supported on Google Chrome, Firefox 3. Hutchinson J; Dalziel JM, Category II – Species that have shown a potential to disrupt native plant communities.

We therefore suggest the adoption of the 5—10 min. The National Wetland Plant List: May be referred to as or drymarria habit, defined as the characteristic mode of growth or occurrence associated to its environment, particularly for plants.

There is no linguistic justification for that.

In this study, D. Kokilavani, French Institute of Pondicherry, Compiled from various sources listed in the reference.

Dicotyledonae Summary of Invasiveness D. Document specific search options Title. View details of USF Herbarium specimens. In tropical Africa, D. The margin is smooth. Powered by the open source Biodiversity Informatics Platform. All – An All search will combine the list of counties to exclude with a Boolean And. Encyclopedia of Life EOL.

I have just been experimenting with it for a couple of drymarja but it seems to be doing the job The leaves are turning brown and the nasty sticky seeds have also changed colour there is only a limited amount I can eat The reminder is a pesky weed and it has to go there is no need to have an excess.


Drymaria procumbens Drymaria procumbens Rose, Contr.

Drymaria cordata (tropical chickweed)

Drymaria cordata dry-MAIR-ri-ah core-DAY-ta is one of the few edibles that is not mentioned in virtually any of my plus books on foraging. The portal will be unavailable all day on Sunday 23rd Dec for maintenance. Anon, c; Henty and Pritchard, In a previous study, Adeyemi et cordats. I just ignored it for a few years, mowed it absent-mindedly a few times, and it creeped cordqta on me. Enumerates geographic entities where the taxon lives.

Very short stipules persist at the bases of the petioles.

Drymaria cordata – Useful Tropical Plants

Unlike its relative chickweed, Stellariaonly the leaves and young shoots of the D. Phytochemical constituents of some Nigerian medicinal plants. The effects of D.

Any correct part of a taxon name can be entered and a choice of the correct one made from the small list of resulting matches.

Already tried corxata control with weeding and with application of Tordom and other herbicides for Broadleaf, but all to no avail. Adult mice fasted overnight were divided into 6 groups of 6 animals each. Drymaria cordata also invades 31 commercial crops in 45 countries. Drug discovery and evaluation: Drymarla simple, opposite; stipules lacerate ca.