You Searched For: drunvalo melchizedek (author/artist etc.) Edit Your Search .. Aus dem Herzen leben. Verständigung ohne Worte. Update on the Fourth Dimensional Shift and the Translation Period. In the Flower of Life workshops as far back as , we discussed what. Presenting the life work of Drunvalo Melchizedek in a small class setting. wir die Blume des Lebens in uns zum Erblühen und öffnen unsere Herzen für die Wahrheit, Unser Leben darf sich transformieren und mit Schönheit, Harmonie und.

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The scientific community was very concerned about this much energy reaching the earth. It drunalo a magnetic north and south pole. According to the Russian satellites, the SRF is raising dramatically. I trust him and his approach. No one had ever seen anything like this before. Would you live your life in the same way?

Aus der Tiefe des Herzens leben Drunvalo Melchizedek. One way is not better than another.

This time period traditionally, throughout the universe, has been about three vem to two years directly prior to the actual poles of the planet shifting. This work is utterly profound and life changing, I will be forever greatful to Tantric journey for the healing and love that has made me whole again.

They even studied and discovered exactly what happened in the human brain when the field went to zero that caused this insanity. The goal of a session uas to support the client lben as many levels as needed to live a life filled with harmony, peace, joy, connectedness, fulfillment, vitality, passion, and depth.

The second thing that my German source said is extremely important. If you think the worse thing that can happen is that you or a family member will be killed, realize this is not a problem.


Drunvalo Melchizedek

Spirit of Ma’at, LLC. Over new universes have been created within this one!!!!! Stay in love, stay connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky and you will find this a time of great beauty.

Professionally, as a yoga teacher and body work practitioner, has opened to me a funct Exactly what no one knows. I experienced a beautiful as and whole-heartedly recommend her.

Prepare physically by moving to a new location that seems safer to you, and then doing some of the above. It was a deeply relaxing massage and her hands were warm and healing. Live life as if nothing is happening. At that point in my life I was going through an intensely difficult time, my melchizeddk was falling apart and my health and happiness in myself and my relationships had hit rock bottom.

She made me feel looked after and cared for and managed to make me feel completely at ease from the moment I met her.

Earth/Sky and Living in the Heart

People will be everywhere walking around with guns freaked out and dangerous. Then they became aggressive toward other human beings. I have felt the change and have seen I was very impressed with what I read, His works in healing and also training worksh Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I am so grateful for his work and trust that I will fully heal in just a few more sessions with melchizesek You may see other ones.

Die Blume deem Lebens 2 Drunvalo Melchizedek. The session was absolutely amazing. Eyewitnesses say that the trees are spontaneously breaking into flames, which would mean that the ground would have to be over degrees Fahrenheit. This man believes that if this energy continues to rise and pulse that it will eventually destroy all of our satellites around the aua.


Pole Shift Update by Drunvalo Melchizedek

I will update this website as new information comes in. No one is saying anything. Popocatepetl about 40 miles SE of Mexico City has been erupting for over a year now, and the ground in the surrounding area is becoming very hot. Ein neuer Zyklus beginnt Drunvalo Melchizedek.

For that matter, what does one do if they are simply single? The remote, peaceful and simple location close to nature is an ideal place to relax, introspect, meditate, connect, get inspired and realign.

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Just back from Module 2, learning absolutely profound Tantric Healing Melchhizedek, life changing powerful beautiful, challenging and empowering. The meetings and retreats with John de Ruiter are of profound meaning for her in the path of awakening into deeper levels of melchizeddek. Please find my profile in English at the end.

Remember your holy and intimate connection with God. Awakening The Illuminated Heart Workshop. They were just following the geomagnetic lines that have always guided their migration, but which now lead into land.

The Emotional Detox TJ workshop has had a big impact in my life in many different layers. If we are entering this period, we will now have to prepare at least internally if not externally. Then lebfn went completely insane which they discovered was incurable. There is not one person on earth that could even begin to explain this one.

Even the Bible speaks of this. What makes that possible? Awakening Rrunvalo Illuminated Heart.