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Svjetlovodni senzor za mjerenje vibracija

Genetic algorithm Metaheuristic Fitness diplomsji. The prototype was made using 3D printing technology and its images can be seen in penultimate chapter of this paper. More information and software credits.

Showing of 23 extracted citations. The paper contains a detailed description of the design and the accompanying manufacturing sheets and drawings.


This paper has 32 citations. Skip to search form Skip to main content. This thesis deals with the conceptual design and prototype development of a fiber optic sensor for measuring vibrations. Downloads Downloads per month over past year.

etajv pc 2013 pdf

Heuristic Search for additional papers on this topic. Finally, effect of drag from the surrounding air on vibrations of the membrane was investigated using computational fluid dynamics CFD.

Due to the reduction of the fitness function complexity to O 1 problem instances with large dimensions are solved. A structural solution for the sensor was designed according to overall results. As part of the thesis, a specific program code was developed in MATLAB software package in order to optimize the mechanical components of fiber optic sensor.

References Publications referenced by this paper. Nema podataka za dohvacanje citata.

Naslovnica – Hrvatsko akustičko društvo

The computed amplitude is then used as input data in further calculations of mechanical vibrations. Additionally, preliminary dimensions of the sensor were established at this stage.

Landscape analysis and efficient metaheuristics for solving the n-queens problem Ellips MasehianHossein AkbaripourNasrin Mohabbati-Kalejahi Comp. This paper addresses the way in which heuristic algorithms can be used to solve the n-queen problem.


The developed program code is based on analytical mathematical models, which are also elaborated within this thesis. Using the program code, various implementations of sensor and their different vibrating modes were examined on the basis of optical calculations data. Svjetlovodni senzor za mjerenje vibracija.

Mrežne stranice Siniše Šegvića

Computational complexity theory Addresses publication format. Globalni paralelni genetski algoritam, diplomski rad, http: Complexity of n-Queens Completion Ian P. From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper. Heuristic Simulated annealing Tabu search.

The efficiencies of algorithms are compared and their achievements are measured. Igrec, Bojan Svjetlovodni senzor za mjerenje vibracija.

Topics Discussed in This Paper. Solving the n-queens problem using a tuned hybrid ddiplomski competitive algorithm Ellips MasehianHossein AkbaripourNasrin Mohabbati-Kalejahi Int. Citations Publications citing this paper.