The RAYSTAT-ECO temperature controller is designed to control heating cables used for frost protection applications. It continuously adjusts the heat- tracing. RAYSTAT-Control is a line-sensing thermostat with adjustable temperature range between 0 Deg C to Deg C. Indication of sensor errors, voltage errors . Trace heating – Raychem Control surface sensing thermostat for control of trace The Raychem Raystat Control has 25A switching capacity, temperature range sizing or the switching capacity of the Raychem Digitrace Control

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Maximum recommended heating cable length is restricted by the electrical protection sizing or the switching capacity of the Raychem Digitrace Control FreezeTec 12 Heating cable.

Pentair RAYCHEM RAYSTAT-CONTROL User Manual (Page 38 of 40)

Your Account Welcome Login. Raychem Raystat Control temperature sensing.

For more details – download Raychem Control It continuously adjusts the heat-tracing output based on the ambient temperature. Subscribe to news View all news. Raychem Heat Tracing News.


Detailed description Related products Downloads Detailed description. This product is not sold individually.

Electrical freeze protection for both nonhazardous and hazardous locations. Raychem Raystat Control parameter settings. Send to a friend Raystat Control thermostat, surface sensing Raystat-ontrol-10 Raystat Control thermostat, surface sensing, programmable with alarm relay controller.


Raychem Raystat Control connection terminals. This product is no longer in stock Availability date: The enclosure can easily be installed outdoors. It has been designed for use in freeze protection and temperature maintenance applications of pipes, tanks and other equipment.

The unit includes a Pt sensor for determining ambient temperature in ordinary area. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product.

Raychem RAYSTAT-CONTROL surface sensing thermostat from KSM Limited

No easy answers to issue, says Javid Hammersmith stabbing: Severn Bridge shuts as drone flown from tower Brexit: Raychem Raystat Control enclosure details. Duty cycle power to heater on depends on the ambient temperature. Since ambient temperatures in winter are often below freezing point, but well above the minimum designed ambient temperature, significant energy savings are realised.

Raystat Control parameters may be programmed without power supply internal digitrrace and stores in non volatile battery. Tributes paid to Nasa scientist. Raychem Raystat Control thermostat, surface sensing, programmable with alarm relay controller.

Designed to control heating cables for frost protection applications. Direct connection of Raychem trace heating cable is possible to the Raystat Control Raychem connection kits ordered separately Benefits include, energy saving trace heating running cost, easy installation and commissioning, low cost installation.


Raystat Control-10 thermostat, surface sensing

This product is no longer in stock. XPI is an economical solution for many heat tracing applications, especially for pipe lengths beyond the maximum circuit lengths of parallel heating cables e.

The Raychem Raystat Control thermostat has a 3m long temperature probe to facilitate pipe mounting.

Can be ordered by Email. Raychem Raystat Control technical details.

Raystat Control thermostat, surface sensing Raychem Raystat Control thermostat, surface sensing, programmable with alarm relay controller. In addition to the display, the controller includes an alarm relay that switches either upon low supply voltage, upon output fault or upon RTD failure thus allowing remote indication of system status. Parameters are displayed and digirace be set easily. The controller includes a 25 A relay which allows direct switching of the heating circuit.