Texas County, and VISA codes to use in completing the following items . Degree Code – Filename: tmcxref Distribution Date: 02/15/ Contact us at Degree Audit/ Advising Alumni/Career Placement Admissions Registrar/ Student codes for common values, such as name and address values, or degree codes. Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Virgin Islands.

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These m4 macros are degrwe in the include files. You can use these options to examine portions of the ID record. Other CX products can have access to a product-specific record. Cincinnati for the zip code Code The zip code. When dupid exits, the records will be processed according to the code you entered in the Class column.

CX System Reference Technical Manual |

Screen Example The following Marital Table screen may vary from your table format and content due to your institution’s particular specifications. Parts of a Macro File The following lists each part of a macro file and provides the content and specification for each.

Data Displayed On The Screen The dupid review mode screen contains the following two primary areas of information on the screen.

Screen Example The following Communication Table screen may vary from your table format and content due to your institution’s particular specifications. System Reference Macros Note: Dirdep Includes for defining the values and functionality of the Direct Deposit program.

Default value is Y. It identifies the building on the campus where the facility is located. Much of the additional memory is used to store a dynamic list of the match table. A source of occupational titles is the Directory of Occupational Titles, published by the federal government.


You can grant additional select permissions to allow non-DBA users to read an audit trail. Your institution, however, may or may not use all of the products displayed.

Dependent upon your use of the table, it may require some modification to the level of detail desired. This table contains a wide range of denominations and normally is adequate for beginning the implementation process. On Campus Does this facility reside on campus for billing purposes? If you wish to add a primary or foreign key on a column which already has an established index, you must first drop that index. How to Access The screen file for the State table is located in the following directory path: The make processor translates and expands the macro definitions in the client file first, out of all of the custom macro files.

Your institution may or may not have all the features documented in this manual. Also, saves changes to names and social security numbers. Billing Includes for defining the values and functionality of the Student Billing application. Some institutions track their athletes through this table and the associated accomplishment record because they can specify periods of involvement.

It is unlikely that any normalized value will ever be exactly one hundred. Interactive Mode The Interactive Mode is designed to coxe used in two ways: Entry order of options is important when you use -d in conjunction -p.

The program provides the following: Therefore, when menu users use the Student Billing application, the application does not post charges and credits to student accounts once the student is confirmed.


CX System Reference Technical Manual

Code The tickler code. Using test data at CARS, a confidence level greater than 70 or 80 is typically a good indicator a record ut a duplicate.

You can print the number on the Financial Aid Transcript. There are some default features in the programs to advise the system of the code to be used if there is not one specified.

Name The name of the user. A test on the social security number is a much more conclusive test than a test on street address. This information is used in a variety of ways. Operator The Operator mode enables xegreecodes to query holds, update holds, and access the Fee Collection module to assess a fee for the request of an official transcript. The integers that you specify are used for calculating the size of extents in the database. It identifies the department which has control of the use of this facility.

Using the make processor, CX expands and translates any macros referenced in the includes to the longer text. The triggercolumn-list specifies which fields will trigger an update audit if their values are modified. Leave one blank space between ” rrgistrar and the variable.

Determining which of these admissilns to enable is a policy decision that an institution makes. Code The degree code. You make changes to enable macros using the Configuration table.