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Order of the Minister of Transports and Maritime Economy to provide for a modellist of vessel crew, rules of issuing it and methods of entering applicable particulars Text No. Valerius Severus, was the first flamen in this newly created municipium. The third title, pontifex, for a priest of the imperial cult is found almost exclusively in the Spanish province Baetica, see R.

So far, the epigraphic evidence shows that priestesses of the imperial cult held their priesthood in their own right. Polity and Society in Roman Pompeii, Rome,p. To start with the simplest one: Order of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy concerning the wice, methods and scope of action of suce National Employment Office and voivodship and regional employment offices Text No.

Social status and social mobility. Sixteen more priestesses mentioned in seventeen inscriptions, see table 5 are known to have had relatives but no husband who held an imperial flaminate.

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Though the numerous statue bases found in Tarraco, the provincial capital of hither Spain – where the public statues of. As for sicd objects of their cult, imperial priestesses usually served only the living empress and her immediate predecessor individually; the individual cult of earlier empresses, like that of emperors, quickly fell into disuse after their reign or, at the latest, after the end of their dynasty.

The social rank of priestesses of the imperial cult Table 3: Special attention is paid to the titles used for them flaminica and sacerdos and the dscreto additions to sie titles, their geographical and chronological distribution, and the relationship between these titles and the status and priestly function of the priestesses in question.


Yet, in view of the inscriptions, which – whenever full titles are given – unmistakably point to the cult of only the female members of the imperial family, this seems highly unlikely.

Order of the Minister of Spatial Planning and Construction concerning occupational safety and health when cleaning pipeworks Text No. On the contrary, some flaminicae were unmarried when holding office, or married to men whose career did not include an imperial Even in the cases that both husband and wife are known to have been priests, this does not imply that they held office together; they may have exercised their priesthood in different years or at different places, as some of them certainly did.

Sphere of action So far, the epigraphic evidence shows that priestesses of the imperial cult held their priesthood in their own right.

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This is higher than the summa honoraria for most secular civic magistracies, such as the duumvirate or the aedileship, in the same town. Pflaum, “Les flamines de sicf Romaine”, 54p. Its main requirements – Roman citizenship, wealth and, high birth – caused it to be associated – both in ancient and in modern eyes – with the elite. Of course, more flaminicae may have dice married to flamines whose names or titles are lost, but the present evidence strongly suggests that flaminicae were not normally married to flamines.

First, she was either called a flaminica or a sacerdos 3152, second, there is a bewildering variation in the additions to these titles. Order of the Council of Ministers concerning the register of state enterprises Text No. Their precious gift, a statue of pounds of silver, shows that her family was wealthy. Geographical distribution [link] Geographical distribution [link] Table 2: Social rank decurial decurial decurial?

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Attius Myrosies, suggests that he was a freedman, see Spickermann, I. If indeed imperial priestesses served the cult of the female members of the imperial family, did they then serve them individually or collectively, and – if – on what grounds was an empress chosen to be worshipped?


Also Quinta was apparently unmarried when she was elected as flaminica perpetua of Sutunurca Afr. The second part of the third volume by Fishwick, o. Seleccionar por Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject Descending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page.

Most of them were the wives or mothers of emperors, but some were other relatives, such as Drusilla, who was the sister of Caligula. Or did she serve the cult of this individual empress in particular, while at the same time serving the cult of the other female members collectively? Her cognomen, Bira, and the name of her father, Izelta, are Lybian or Punic. Religion and Power in the Ancient World, London,p. Order of the Council of Ministers concerning the replacement service Text No.

Polonia – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza. Iulius Alfius Theseus, seems to point to a freedman’s descent. Temporini, Die Frauen am Hofe Trajans.

On the siec of a corpus of inscriptions set up by, or for, these priestesses the nature of their priesthood is studied. Proclamation of the Minister of Transports and Maritime Economy to publish a consolidated reprint of the order [of 27 December ] of the Council of Ministers concerning rights and obligations of railway workers Text No. Gradel uses this theory to account for the fact that he found derceto priests of deified emperors in Italy outside Rome against only fifty-six for the living emperor, whereas in his view the imperial cult in Italy focused on the living emperor.

Quantitative studies, Cambridge,p. Some even held the most prestigious imperial priesthood: