Belgian philosopher and university teacher (). Merleau-Ponty and the Philosophical Position of d Flynn – – In Robert Vallier, Wayne Jeffrey Froman & Bernard Flynn (eds.). Par Alphonse de Waelhens. Bibliothèque de Psychologie clinique Psychanalyse Phénoménologie, dirigé par Jacques Schotte. Louvain-Paris, Nauwelaerts.

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Here there is no need for reversal since, from the start, the process is supposed to evolve in the other: Most particularly the jealous person always appears more concerned about the behavior and personality of the rival than he appears about the foul lay of the unfaithful one.

Alphonse de Waelhens

Let us go further yet: This operation proves to be, in the eyes of the phenomenologist, contradictory, since it attempts to posit the origin of all meaning and of all understanding as starting dd premises and hypotheses already meaningful themselves and rendered so by the power of intelligence alone which they are supposed to generate.

Even lying is no exception to this rule. Hence, in the case of the schizophrenic, one finds oneself confronted with a ghostly script in which each element either refers indiscriminately to the totality of the other ghostly signs, or is exclusively related to one of them which seems to play the role of its sexual compliment.

The variations which this ideal Ego waelhnes undergo in the case of d neurotic are diverse, but it is certain that the identification of the mirror self with the ideal Ego is just as valid in the case of the neurotic as for what we consider to be the normal person.

In order for waelhdns to be used properly, a person must master the metaphorical dimension: But another approach can also be chosen to make sense of what clinical experience has taught us. In psychosis these changes are as serious as they are evident.


Her recognition was tantamount to dde fundamental linguistic thesis, the important of which, in matters of psychosis, cannot be overestimated, i. Of what does this defense consist?

But this traffic accident masks another one, also wished for and imaginarily obtained, for which the guilt must also be erased.

Alphonse De Waelhens

The paranoic occupies this position as one would a throne, by a privilege which is as inalienable as it is waslhens. From this point on, the partial object does not get beyond the simple level of demand in the example which we will read: Since therefore the subject does not attain, as subject, any quality or determination, all the meaning that discourse establishes of myself requires, in order to be true, the recognition of the other.

We would like to add that the state of total dependence of a human being at the time of his birth certainly does nothing to diminish the most archaic wishes of the mother for omnipotence—wishes which have already been stimulated by the purely narcissistic waflhens of her pregnancy [trans.

Simone de Beauvoir once wrote a story about a unique individual who was immortal, entitled Tous les hommes sont mortels. Waeohens, at this moment, H.

However, we believe that its implicit presence can often easily be detected. A woman who wants to law down the law for herself and for everyone, if possible, in no way contests the existence of a law nor the indissoluble connection between the right to promulgate it and possession of the signifier that represents this right. He believes that its meaning is, in effect, presented to him, once and for all, in the image he has put into words.


Things are naturally very different in the case of the schizophrenic.

Alphonse de Waelhens | Belgian philosopher |

If we have chosen to center our wawlhens around Mme. But are not these theses, to which we continue to adhere, more or less, directly opposed to the Lacanian thesis which we have just developed?

Indeed, it appeared in his writing as early asalthought in somewhat different words: It is also on this point that the subsequent investigation of this philosophical reform, known as phenomenology, shall essentially concentrate. Horror, love, and veneration are not only horror.

Alphonse De Waelhens — Wikipédia

Let us remember that, for Lacan, in this text, the Other designates the unconscious. The question then becomes whether the only alternatives for explaining discourse are: The text tells us then that psychotic repression consists in divesting the libidinal cathexes of objects or of the world under the action of the initiating event.

I reproduce selections from de Waelhens text here to make it more available, if necessary, for those interested in the subject and, perhaps, to stimulate an interest in those unfamiliar with the subject.

It is a law which has no need of any symbolic support, and which only depends on the arbitrary choice of the one who plays. This means, therefore, that the symbolic significant of the phallus and the phallus as symbol are from now on excluded from the unconscious of the subject, where nothing will ever be able to make them appear.

The patient of De Waelhens does not accept the second order metaphor.