S5 The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga (2e) – For characters level Beware of Baba Yaga and her infamous hut! Baba Yaga is an ancient crone. The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga is a major artifact belonging to the mythic witch Baba Yaga, granting her immense ability to travel within the. Beware of Baba Yaga and her infamous hut! Baba Yaga is an ancient crone who is said to have power over day and night itself. Many seek out Baba Yaga for.

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Trivia About Dancing Hut of Ba You are commenting using your Twitter account. As a CR 26 creature, players would need epic boons or other means of epic play to face her, which I believe should be the case.

If you enjoy playing games where you loot things and make lots of cash, this is not the adventure for you though you might be able to glean some amazing magical treasures from the truck-load of powerful adversaries scattered about.

Sell in the Open Gaming Store! It all starts with Baba Yaga herself. The Hut will not go out of its way to attack if its targets stop their current actions and flee. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Rooms are simultaneously challenging obstacles to overcome, wondrous locations to explore and they all have some sort of purpose. As a mythic being, Baba Yaga is capable of feats few beings are able to do. Paintings that turn into a clone of you and then step out and attempt murder or convincing the party that THEY are the real one The fucking works. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


This book is not yet featured on Od. My last few dives into old DnD met with decidedly mixed results. Awaken the Dancing Hut. Lisa is one of the founders of Adventures Unlimited, a magazine providing scenarios and tips for role-playing games. Linda Buth added it Jan 11, The statistics and abilities of this remarkable creation are detailed at right.

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They contain everything you gut expect from a millennia-old plane-travelling folkloric witch.

Lisa was very much the tomboy growing up in Vancouver, British Columbia–playing in the woods behind her house, building tree forts, damming the creek, playing army with GI Joe dolls, swinging on ropes, playing flashlight tag, building models and go-carts which she later rode uut the street.

The module is not without its flaws. Baba Yaga and babx allies are immune to this effect. Nevertheless, what an awesome surprise. The Hut itself counts as a semi-sentient construct.

The hut cannot be reduced to fewer than 0 hit pointsno matter what damage, circumstances, or environment it might be subjected to after its defeat. Baba Yaga can use up to 3 Legendary Actions dancjng round. Personally I think your stats are about on the mark. Annie Erbacher rated it really liked it Dec 18, Images of Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga.

Bizarre prisons, rooms with stuffed animals that are actually vampiresinfinite treasure vaults protected by fearsome enchantments, an armory with weaponry both ancient and modern protected by the ghost of a cyborg commando, a tunnel leading into your own intestine, gateways into other planes, a miniscule Tokyo plagued by a giant lizard Yes Really!

Creatures immune to charm effects are not affected by this ability. An avid gamer, Lisa belongs to the Trumpeter Wargaming Club. To many, she resembles the archetypal hag like any other, but this is far from the case.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Area of effect enchantments? Released inExtinction made the New York Times bestseller list for hardcover fiction.

Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga – PathfinderWiki

The hut’s movement can be controlled by manipulating a small brown egg in a dish on a table in the central room, while its ability to teleport throughout the multiverse is activated by tossing two “keys” into a bubbling babaa.


The Dancing Hut appears as a rustic hut on two huge, fifteen-foot-tall chicken legs. Joshua Schwartz rated it it was amazing Oct 12, Her original games include Valhalla’s Gate, a tabletop skirmish miniatures game drawn from Norse mythology and runic lore.

Books by Lisa Smedman. The Dancing Hut is one of the most mythical constructs known to reality itself. I understand that without these restrictions most games of high level Dnd would degenerate into Wizard-powered pre-cognitive rocket-launcher tag but either write better or babba the adventure lower level. Both the bowl and egg can easily be removed or destroyed, but both reappear 1 hour later and only function within the confines of the hut.

The table above presents a list of some of the best-known destinations the hut can travel to, along with the two keys needed to take the hut to that location. While she is bonded to these summoned items, she gains a flight speed of 40 feet.

I have not even gotten into the Flowers of Transformation or similar wondrous artifacts. Refresh and try again.

Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Accessory

After 24 hours, the hut regains half its hit points 94 hp and its fast healing ability reactivates. Conjure Mortar and Pestle. Her dark spawn fill countless planes and spread her dread curse upon many realities. Michael von Sacher-Masoch rated it liked it May 01,