Here you can download the free lecture Notes of Graphics and Multimedia Notes pdf – GM notes pdf materials with multiple file links to download. The Graphics. CS GRAPHICS AND MULTIMEDIA Questions Bank Anna University e) Scaling. 6. Write short notes on two dimensional viewing & anti aliasing. 7. Cs – Graphics and Multimedia – Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text (a) Write short notes on: [4 marks each] (i) Voice over IP.

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What are the data objects used in a multimedia system? What is color Gamut? Write the encoding technique available for video information Suggests with reasons 5 potential applications of multimedia other than the applications in the field of entertainment and education.


Mention some of the charactertics of speech recognition Give an example also explain hypermedia message components. What is the purpose of presentation graphics? Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. What is Perspective projection? Shearing for x j. What are the design issues for multimedia authoring? What are self affine and invariant fractals What are the types of images based on multimedia?


What are the 4 metaphors used for multimedia applications? Define workstation transformation What is a frame buffer? List some of the input and output devices 5. What are the types of compression?

Cs1354 Graphics And Multimedia Notes Pdf

Anna University Department of Civil Engineering B. Explain midpoint circle algorithm. Explain about socket, connect, bind, listen and accept functions. Suggests with reasons 5 potential applications of multimedia other than the applications in the field of entertainment and education. What are the types of Multimedia authoring Systems?

csgraphics and multimedia kings college of engineering

Explain two dimensional Translation and Scaling with an example. What is viewing transformation? List out the color models. Give the primary goal of MAPI. What do you mean by perspective projection? E Civil 5th Semester Question Write down 3D translation vector and 3D transformation matrix for translation 7.

What are complex image enhancement capabilities? Rotation by anti – clockwise c. Explain the data compression technique grapics in multimedia.

What are the main characteristics of voice recognition system? What is polygon clipping? Classify the User interface development tools?


Write short notes on image scanners. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

What are the types of multimedia authoring systems? Define message passing Write and explain the DDA algorithm for line generation 2.

Review Article 79 Education and Information Technologies. What is the use of audio and video indexing? Explain briefly the two categories graphicz visible-surface detection algorithms What is polygon clipping? What are the categories of the Tag ID Draw the CIE chromaticity diagram and explain. What is the color table? Explain the steps in midpoint ellipse drawing algorithm. What are the different types of line clipping algorithm Explain the different file formats used in multimedia.

Explain the disadvantage of it and how to rectify this disadvantage. CD technologies 6 What are the types of quadric surfaces? Explain Database Organization for Multimedia Applications.

What is Hyper text?