Then Kasen Kustom Auto gets a TV show, All Revved Up, and the show could Crystal Jordan is a new to me author, and I can definitely say she will be in my. All Revved Up (Revved Up, Book One) All Revved Up by Crystal Jordan My rating: 4 of 5 stars “This was hot, hot, hot the chemistry between Dean and Andi. All Revved Up Crystal Jordan First in the Revved Up ‟s nothing Andi Manning doesn‟t know about cars. Work.

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Her revbed contracted, climax rolling over her in a wave so intense, it drowned her. He leaned forward, twined his fingers with hers and pinned her in place. Watching drop-dead gorgeous Dean Kasen work his magic on those sweet rides is no hardship, either.

Revved Up Series by Crystal Jordan

Tammie Burnette rated it really liked it May 21, The network offers Dean the chance for the local show to go national as crtstal as a sexy bombshell helps host it. But what choice did he have? He opened his mouth to ask about what was going on there, but Jesse beat crystap to speech.

May 29, Zaritacampbellyahoo. Last night should have slaked his need for her, but instead it had intensified. Yeah, that was a sentiment she could relate to. Well I think we all know how well that will work! Her legs jerked against his shoulders, her hips rising to meet his swift thrusts. The feel of his hard body against hers just ratcheted up her excitement. April marked it as to-read Aug 29, Aug 08, Brianna rated it really liked it Shelves: His callused palms on her punished buttocks made her gasp, but he pressed the head of his cock to her anus and entered her, stretched her.


He groaned and slapped each of her buttocks. She clenched her channel around his cock, squeezed his waist with her legs as she moved with him, took him deeper. Now he jorean had to…live with it. Return to Book Page. The couch creaked underneath them as they ground together, faster and faster, racing each other for orgasm.

She has handled them. I want permanent, and I want it with you. Jesse huffed out a breath. Sliding his fingers out of her, he plunged them back in.

Farid is disturbed by the death of his loved ones. No more hiding anything, no more holding back. Throwing his head back, he shouted out his own orgasm, thrusting deep inside her once, twice, three more times before he sank down on top of her. Cassandra Curtis rated it really liked it Jan 17, No, she was right there with him every second, pressing her hips back to meet him halfway. Great for if you have a little spare time to fill.

Stacey rated it really liked it Nov 27, He spread his fingers wider on her back, his pinky edging under the hem of her t-shirt. But he was her boss. It’s a move Dean jodan no other choice except to finally make when Andi walks in to his office wearing next to nothing. Juices flooded her pussy, her body readying itself for his possession in moments. Her body tensed, and he knew the moment orgasm took her. A sinful chuckle was his reply.


All Tangled Up by Crystal Jordan

Kcalter rated it liked it Jul 28, MT rated it really liked it Nov 07, Angela marked it as to-read May 08, An involuntary shiver went through her at the heat in his eyes. He shook his head and cursed under his breath. Working on cars is tough work, and usually seen as a man’s world until Andi Manning came into Kasen Kustom Auto.

Could she really do this? He rode her, dragging the feeling out for her, and her cunt clenched each time he entered her. He tried to chuckle, but it almost emerged a rough sob. Crystal Jordan began writing romance after she finished graduate school and needed something to fill the hours that used to be eaten away by homework.

They fought for control, biting, sucking, and licking.

Primal Heat is more than erotic romance. His erection was an iron bar against her hip, and she wriggled against his cock just to torment him.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

All Tangled Up

He shuddered, a low groan wrenching from him. It had seemed like a good idea when Jesse mentioned being the new hostess for the national syndication of Revved Up. God help him, but he can’t get enough of her.