tipos de craneo. normocefalo o mesocefalo dolicocefalo (en nave) braquicefalo ( aplanado) turricefalo (pico) micro macro. triangulo anterior del cuello. tipos de craneo study guide by hugoberx includes 12 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. craneo proporcional al resto del cuerpo dolicocefalo. Nariz: tamaño. Tabique nasal: posición. Mucosa nasal: permeabilidad, olfato, aleteo nasal. Coriza. Oídos: forma, tamaño, posición, simetría.

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I also keep in mind all the persons that have indirectly contributed to enrich our knowledge on human biodiversity: There is a possibility that all these lineages are Armenid. This is particularly true in the North, where animal fat intake must have been through the roof. From there, and already carrying WN contributions Archaeogenetics has proven the presence of maternal U haplogroups in European Russia since the Palaeolithicthe R1a lineage extended westwards to Poland, and eastwards through the Kazakhstan steppes to the Kashmir region.

Accelerated metabolism, very active blood circulation. Despite this process, hunting was kept until dolicocefao recently as a tradition within the social elites. This child was dated back to 24, years —at least three millenia after the alleged Neandertal “extinction”.

Perpetually dark skin is disadvantageous in any place that is not sunny and warm.


This proto-Khoisanid race, from Eastern Africa, with an extremely delicate constitution and a straight facial profile, entered the Arabian Peninsula and the Near East, where it received genetic contributions from the Eastern Neandertal race. Moreover, the expansion of rice cultivation in Eastern Asia is related with the paternal O3 haplogroup, an Armenid lineage. In modern human races, the receding forehead is due to the Neandertal dplicocefalo as in the case of the Armenid raceas well as probably Erectus and others.

Strongly White Nordid, slight Mongolid admixture. When cold stopped, all those calories remained unburnt, and when we add starchy foods with a high glycemic index, alcohol and racial mixing not to talk about the new sedentary lifestyle to the equation, obesity is the result.

Due to this, a virus needs to enter other organisms to use their cellular replication “machinery”. Innearly half of U. It is tempting to link the Armenid race with Jews, Arabs, Judaism, Christianism, Islam and dolicocefaoo, thus identifying them with historical trends that have traditionally acted against the Palaeolithic genetic legacy accumulated in the European continent.


This interesting map combines the distribution of all J lineages, which seem to have their strongest core in the “Yemeni” type of the Southwest Arabian Peninsula. Not all U sub-lineages are White Nordid in origin.

craneo dolicocefalo pdf

One of the genocidal “liberals” in academia who live off the taxpayers dollars is Noel Ignatiev who is profiled below: Now is the time for Israel to show case its humanity to the world. Here, the individual has his eyebrows slightly raised. Until we learn how to distinguish Khoisanid, Pygmid, Congid, Australid, etc. This constant harassment by the environment must have sharpened their inventiveness to manipulate the means at their disposal, preparing them for the advent of technology.

The Armenid influence in China may also be noted. With this goal in mind, the modern financial-commercial system can feel tempted in the future to use genetic engineering to manipulate the natural parameters of human behaviour and the racial composition of mankind.

The consequence would be that carriers of traits considered undesirable would die without offspring, whereas those with desirable traits would have an overwhelming reproductive success. And on the one hand, these societies are capable of competing, not economically or militarily, but demographically and socially, with the most civilised societies, which they despise for their softness.

Red, dplicocefalo and bloody skin. Indeed, most Europeans currently have traits from two or three —if not more— racial types, and only a good anthropological knowledge, together with a certain personal intuition, can help to read racial stratifications.

Exploración de cabeza y cuello by violeta garcia on Prezi

dolicocrfalo Grouping diverse paternal lineages resulting from the genetic analysis of the Y-DNA of various populations, paternal haplogroups were formed. On the basis of Physical Anthropology applied to the study of ethnic groups carrying certain haplogroups, the first Armenid lineage was F or IJK less probably, K.

They are not common racial types, not to find everyday on the streets, but the obviousness of their traits makes them suitable to start practising the new Physical Anthropology. Therefore, we must pay attention to the differences in shape and size between teeth, but also to the shape of the dental arch e. In light of dolicocefxlo threats made against supporters of the group, college Republicans from several other California universities showed up by the carloads and volunteered to help staff the event, held on a campus plaza, Lewis said.


Mithochondrial DNA maternal line analyses show their lineages to be far more distant apart than modern humans something normal for a race that scattered and lived foryears, most of the time living under hard natural selection and isolation of entire clans.

Afterwards, with the Aryan invasions and already with White Nordid and Armenid contributionsthe R1a societies will expand through the Middle East and other regions of Asia. For a population to mutate and thereby to evolve since mutation and natural selection are the leading ingredients of evolutionit is essential not to mix with genetically different populations.

Straight, horizontal, very sparse and almost white eyebrows. But in America it is dolicocfealo only the lower-paid jobs that are being taken by either illegal aliens, naturalized Hispanics or jobs being “outsourced” to non-white countries. When relaxed, the superciliary arches form a T with the nose. Neandertals, with their high cranial capacity, strength, odlicocefalo and adaptation to such a tough and resource-scarce environment as the dolkcocefalo, where evolutionary ahead of the “archaic Homo sapiens” they encountered —which were probably the ancestors of the modern Khoisanid race an African variety, perhaps the most ancient human race that remains today.

To sum up, only when people have pure racial instincts, procreation issues can be left up to free-will. Her eyes are mixed: It is also likely that the first Red Nordid community, after its formation, did not meat individuals from other ethnic groups in tens of thousands of years, again in contrast with Cro-Magnons, who surely came into contact with other racial communities by interbreeding and fightingas it was a more geographically scattered dolicocfealo than the Red Nordid.

We accept that the Germans of the Roman period, as described by Tacitus in “Germania”, where still pure or almost pure White Nordids, since according to the author: Today, we are far from having a population dolicocefslo that instinct; a dictatorship that promotes partnerships based on biological heredity is needed, along with the State-sponsored creation of homes and families of this kind.