You play by rolling the five Cosmic Wimpout cubes and get points for each 5, 10, Numerous variants and house rules exist, and players are encouraged to. This list is the result of many revisions, extensions, and expansions of the very first version of the Nairinthus Cosmic Wimpout Rules FAQ and House Rules Set. Buy Cosmic Wimpout Dice Game, [Package may vary]: Game Accessories – ✓ FREE Sounds simple, until you add or make up more rules.

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Any player with any unfilled circles when Last Licks occurs cannot participate, and is ejected. What is a Flash? Otherwise, you may risk all of your points for the turn by opting to roll again.

IP’s cannot be earned in conjunction with another House Rule e. The game is ever changing and open to new rules and interpretations so the Guiding Light was ru,es. You can accumulate points towards the Winning Total by ending your turn or risking it all, because if you roll and don’t score, cosmix lose all the points for that turn and the next player goes.

What does Opting to Stop or Opt to Stop mean?

Cosmic Wimpout – Popular House Rules

The Guiding Light says any new rule may be added at any time provided all players agree. Say you roll a five and a ten – that would give you 75 points – but you must roll them all again Y.

For example, the rules state: This Cosmic Wimpout is a classic Train Wreck and you lose all your points for the turn. Remember, any time you score, you may Opt to Stop, unless a rule makes you roll again. If the first time you heard “Cosmic Wimpout,” you said, “Cosmic What? By opting to stop, all your points for that turn are added to your total score for the game, for your new game total. If at any time a player has 4 unfilled circles, or has received 7 wrecks altogether, 8 circles total, counting the original one starting the game the player is considered terminally wrecked, and ejected from the game.


Unless of course you are playing the Sun-Star Tournament Rules, but that’s a story for another day. Whenever you roll all 5 dice, and everything works, in addition to the points, you also get an Insurance Point [hereafter called an IP].

Train Wrecks are tallied. And since most of the CW players were of the tech savvy sort with plenty of access, it seemed good to plop it on my FTP at the time.

The game is played by rolling all five cubes and adding up the player’s score.

From Ames List, with Nairinthus clarification If a player scores all 5 dice not at the same time and they are all 5’s or all 10’s, then the player gets a bonus of 10 times the cube face and continues by rolling all 5 dice YMNWTBYM.

The sun is the only potential scorer, and must be called as either a 10 or a 5 due to no other scoring opportunities. This page was last edited on 15 Augustat If any player gets n Train Wrecks in the game, the player is immediately ejected! There are some exceptions. Wimping out with five cubes is called a Train Wreck.

Pages using deprecated image syntax Pages using infobox game with unknown parameters All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July Here’s how to play:.

These small cubes will bring you and your friends hours of fun once you know how to use them. The dice game instructions are written with a good dose of humor.

Cosmic Wimpout set, including dice and a dice bag. Generally, we follow the direction of the path of the scoreboard. There are two ways cozmic can be interpreted:. For the first game, each player rolls one cube not the Sun Die, please. Next, count the points rolled on that first throw.

Cosmic Sampler Whenever you get a 5 or 10, and one of each of the non-scoring faces on the other 4 cubes, on the same roll, you have achieved a Cosmic Sampler derived from the Whitman’s Sampler candy assortment which is worth 50 points, and using all 5 dice which brings the YMNWTBYM rule in. So pick them up and hold them while you read on. Whenever you get a 5 or 10, and one of cosmlc of the non-scoring faces on the other 4 cubes, on the same roll, you have achieved a Cosmic Sampler derived from the Whitman’s Sampler candy assortment which is worth 50 points, and using all 5 dice which brings the YMNWTBYM rule in.


This option injects creativity, quick thinking and ocsmic into the Cosmic Wimpout dice game. The new rule always goes into effect the next time the situation occurs. This is like Jacks or better to open in Poker.

However, if a player Train Wrecks, a circle is added. New players need to remember that you only roll the non-scoring dice. Truly nasty if your opponent has points, one common cube to clear a flash 10, and a 5 is rolled.

I suggest that you visit the official web site for the game and read the basic dice game instructions to learn how to play.

Cosmic Wimpout

I believe a ‘thank you’ is definitely in order? Since 10 and 5 are taboo due to the double-flash, either way, it’s reroll time. The Flaming Sun Rule says that you must make a flash with the sun if you roll it with a pair. The Guiding Light says that new rules may be added at any time, provided all players agree. He doesn’t get in cosmi games, but when he does, he usually wins.

If two or more players match the highest roll, those players roll off to break the tie unless you decide that everyone re-rolls. To clear a flash, you must score additional points by continuing to roll the non-scoring cubes or all 5 if you’ve scores with five cubes or you wimp out.

How to Play Cosmic Wimpout – Cosmic Wimpout

We play you do, and call it the Flaming Sun Rule. Sun, Nov 8, In any case, the player loses all points gained in that round.

Four of the cubes have wimpojt values of “two swirls”, “three triangular glyphs”, “four lightning bolts”, “the number 5”, “six stars” and “the number 10” – the fifth cube, often a different colour, has a single “flaming sun” icon in place of the triangular glyphs.